Financial Modelling

The demands placed on actuarial financial models are proving ever harder to satisfy. Boards want better insights into their risk, capital and strategic management. Regulation and market demand are greatly increasing the amount of information that’s required and sharply reducing the turnaround times. Even where insurers have invested in sophisticated new systems, they’re often failing to realise expectations and deliver the payback

If this is your situation

  • Your modelling and reporting solution does not meet your current / expected future business needs.
  • You want to improve the controls and processes surrounding your modelling production environment.
  • You want to understand how emerging modelling technology and infrastructure can be utilised to improve your modelling capability.
  • You want to improve the analysis of the results from your modelling solution.

How PwC can help

Our services include:

  • Advice on modelling strategy and making best use of the existing and emerging technologies available;
  • Assistance with development and testing of actuarial modelling solutions; and
  • Developing analytics to make the best use of the data you are producing.