PwC sets the pace in Cybersecurity Consulting, according to independent analysts

May 10, 2022

ALM Intelligence identifies PwC as a Pacesetter in this new report, ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research, Cybersecurity Consulting 2022.  After evaluating a wide field of 21 innovators and providers, ALM identified PwC as the only firm to be in the top 5 of all firms in  business model, value proposition, service delivery, client enablement, and cyber risk brand eminence.  

The ALM Pacesetter Research says that, “Cybersecurity – technology, the sophistication of cyber criminals, what and who is targeted – continues to evolve rapidly, but the big shifts in cybersecurity services have more to do with catching up to what exactly “cyber” means for an organization in 2022. The most important of these realizations is that technology enables organizations and as such permeates everything they do. This, in turn, means that cybersecurity must do the same. A cybersecurity strategy must be more than an endpoint security solution; it must be embedded in operational procedures, employee training, management decisions and form a definitive thread in all external relationships including vendors, suppliers, logistics partners and customers.”

According to the report, “PwC’s approach to cybersecurity is risk-led, organized through its BXT (business-experience-technology) framework, and brings together innovation, investment in IP,  delivery accelerators, and the use of  external partnerships and alliances to deliver an integrated, cross- platform and intelligence-led approach that, by demonstrating trustworthiness, seeks to help clients instill the same in their own cybersecurity strategies.”  The report further states that “while PwC has been investing in its cybersecurity IP for years, there is powerful value in its internal-facing digital upskilling and training programs, best illustrated by its global cyber academy which utilizes internal and external vendor-created content to ensure PwC employees are skilled in the latest digital and cyber trends.”

Sean Joyce, Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Leader, US Cyber, Risk & Regulatory Leader, PwC US, said, “We welcome this recognition by ALM Intelligence as the only recognized firm in all five core criteria. Our purpose, put in the simplest terms, is to help clients minimize cyber risk, build operational resilience and enhance customer trust while driving business growth. The complexity of the cyber threat environment continues to increase with the impact of new and emerging technologies, acceleration to the cloud and geopolitical instability. As a global network of firms, with IP and intelligence-led services, powered by leading technology and diversity of thought, we are committed to helping our clients transform their organizations, while staying resilient and preparing for the unexpected.”


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