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PwC accelerates SaaS strategy as latest round of solutions aim to solve marketers’ business challenges

July 26, 2021

TBR Special Report - In a series of conversations with PwC leaders during the past quarter, TBR learned more about the company’s growing products portfolio, including PwC Customer Link and PwC Media Intelligence.

The PwC Customer Link and PwC Media Intelligence capabilities each serves a specific client need, a common approach and business models which suggest PwC is accelerating its portfolio transformation without losing sight of the need to deliver outcomes. Both solutions are part of the PwC Products catalogue and support the firm’s goal of driving SaaS and managed services sales.

PwC Customer Link differentiates on its ability to not only connect offline and online data but also to integrate third-party data and provide analytics around it, as the solution uses various data depositories.

PwC Media Intelligence is a singular platform helping brands drive greater efficiencies, effectiveness and transparency around marketing and advertising spend. With the depreciation of third-party cookies — the tracking mechanisms around audience analytics set by companies like Google (Nasdaq: GOOGL), Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Mozilla — becoming more prevalent in the industry, PwC Media Intelligence enables PwC to not only address issues such as lack of transparency in the digital ecosystem but also to serve buyers beyond the CMO office.

In a special report, TBR highlights that PwC’s CMO practice spans offerings in digital commerce, marketing, consumer personalization, loyalty and customer analytics. PwC has a crystal-clear vision about the future of the unit: continue to approach clients through its fundamental lens, helping marketers solve business challenges.

The report mentions that, ‘PwC’s investments in PwC Customer Link and PwC Media Intelligence, amplified through the holistic approach of PwC’s CMO Advisory practice, strengthen the firm’s opportunities in the digital marketing services space.’

It goes on to say that, ‘TBR estimates PwC generated $1.6 billion in digital marketing services revenue in 2020, well above legacy agencies such as Ogilvy, Digitas, AKQA and R/GA. We expect the firm to add close to another $1 billion in incremental sales in the next four years, especially as the digital marketing services market recovers and accelerates following a choppy 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.’

According to Brian Morris, Partner, Customer Analytics & Marketing, PwC US, ‘Our clients need tools to help them address complex customer data challenges. PwC is delivering customer analytics solutions that can help marketing and all customer and prospecting communications. By delivering data-driven insights we're helping our clients improve how they engage and build relationships with customers.’

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