PwC releases its first Diversity and Inclusion Transparency Report

September 25, 2020

PwC has taken another important step in its diversity and inclusion journey by releasing its diversity and inclusion strategy and data.  PwC is committed to sharing this data annually to reinforce the firm’s commitment to transparency and accountability.  The work PwC has done for more than 2 decades has led to a firm that embraces D&I as an essential aspect of our purpose, culture and values of: care, make a difference, act with integrity, work together, and reimagine the possible. 

As a purpose-led and values-driven organization, PwC is using the talent and resources of PwC to be a voice of change.  And to be a change leader, PwC is taking action to be bolder and even more intentional on issues that matter to people, affect communities, and permeate the business community.  The report tells and important part of the Firm’s diversity story and is paired with its strategy and the work to make sure all employees have a strong sense of belonging and trust.  This presents an opportunity for influential and lasting change, far greater than in the past, and will drive visibility into the next steps on key social issues.

"We are at a pivotal moment that requires continued bold action and a steadfast commitment from business leaders to do more to move toward equity and parity of experience for all of our people," says Shannon Schuyler, chief purpose & inclusion officer of PwC US. "We published this report to share our story and hold ourselves accountable to transformative progress in ensuring that our systems, programs and processes are designed to support all our people so every person has the same opportunity to grow to their full capacity. We hope to inspire other leaders to release their own data when it is right for them so we can continue to work together to accelerate equity for all."

According the an IDC Link, PwC Releases D&I Transparency Report – As ESG's Social Pillar Topics Focused on the Workforce and D&I Move to the Forefront, “PwC, as a private professional services firm, is not mandated to report its D&I data and initiatives. However, under U.S. Chairman and Senior Partner, Tim Ryan, who has been passionate about this cause for some time, the firm released its first-ever Transparency Report, entitled "Building on a Culture of Belonging.  The report details the firm's D&I strategy including co-founding CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, with the goal to advance the business community as well as the creation of internal inclusion networks and specific steps, including 14 key metrics, focusing on talent attraction, improving the first two years of experience for new, diverse employees, and a path to PwC partnership that is diverse and inclusive.”

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