How Metal One Service Asia Group put decarbonisation plans into gear

Interview with: Yuki Ohashi, General Manager, Metal One Service Asia (Wuhan, China) Co., Ltd.


Metal One Service Asia Group (Metal One) is a leader in the steel distribution industry with outposts across five major Chinese cities and a 500-strong network of employees. The company’s Wuhan branch supplies and trades metal products to manufacturers across the automotive sector.

As the world grapples with the climate crises, the company has strengthened its commitment to carbon neutrality and is collaborating with manufacturers and clients to achieve its ecological goals.

Interview with:
Yuki Ohashi
General Manager,
Metal One Service Asia (Wuhan, China) Co., Ltd.

What are some of the most pressing challenges facing Metal One?

“The automotive industry is facing a major predicament. Economic pressures are affecting car sales and margins are declining due to global supply chain challenges and labour shortages post pandemic. At the same time, original equipment manufacturers are setting net-zero targets and clients insist on sustainable and transparent practices. But although this push towards decarbonisation has become more urgent, management and employees lack fundamental knowledge in this arena – as well as the ability to put strategies into motion.”

What was the solution delivered by Metal One and the PwC community of solvers?

“We have successfully carried out two carbon neutrality workshops with PwC’s help. PwC specialists introduced climate-related knowledge, policy trends, carbon accounting methodologies, and disclosure frameworks. PwC presented a carbon inventory of Metal One and introduced us to its Emissions Tracker, a powerful tool that allowed us to visualise and compare carbon emissions across the value chain. Through in-depth discussions, PwC identified decarbonisation initiatives and market strategies that are crucial for long-term value creation.”

How did PwC's solution combine people and technology to deliver strong results?

“PwC used leading digital tools to manage emissions data collection across our operations and value chain and brought in their team with deep climate expertise who made strategic recommendations. These insights support transparent, informed conversations and will see us steer our emissions reduction initiatives more effectively – while differentiating Metal One in the market.”

How did PwC cultivate trust while making sure that Metal One can pave the way for change?

PwC gave us the language to articulate our decarbonisation journey more clearly. As a result, we undertook substantial decarbonisation actions such as firming up our investment in renewable energy projects. This partnership has also seen us identify important – and feasible – carbon reduction initiatives across our value chain. Now, we can communicate our approach to decarbonisation to our clients and stakeholders while empowering the entire automotive industry to reduce emissions. We have already influenced some of our clients to prioritise carbon neutrality, taking strides towards fostering this critical conversation in China.”

Sustained outcomes

Over 400 employees upskilled on carbon neutrality and sustainable practices

85% positive feedback from our employees on the carbon neutrality workshop

A commitment to deploy PwC’s Emissions Tracker to manage collection of emissions data and other carbon reduction initiatives

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