ESG: Defining Asia Pacific's Future

Hosted by PwC’s Asia Pacific experts in ESG, this podcast takes a close look at Asia Pacific perspectives on ESG trends and issues - what is new, what the future looks like, and why we have to change. In each episode we will hear from business leaders and ESG experts who will share stories and discuss how organisations in the region are responding to various ESG challenges.

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Season One: Sustainable Supply Chain

In our first series, we explore the issues and changes driving the field of supply chain sustainability. They are vast and there are many important parts of it; they include human rights, modern slavery, decarbonization, and the governance aspects which will drive further change and accountability.  

Season Two: Asia Pacific's Just Transition

There's an increasing call to action to ensure that the shift to net-zero is fair and inclusive. In this second season, we'll be exploring how stakeholders can achieve an environmentally sustainable global economy, while also ensuring no one gets left behind. 

We have a great lineup of speakers covering topics from energy, justice and human rights, to community resilience and workforce transformation. 

Season Three: Sustainability specials

Through a series of special episodes, we spotlight the most pressing sustainability issues facing businesses today and in the future. PwC's specialists tackle the biggest issues such as climate change and energy transition, as well as emerging areas such as circular economy, biodiversity, and nature.

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Ivy Kuo

Ivy Kuo

PwC Asia Pacific Sustainability Leader, Partner, PwC China

Jeremy Prepscius

Jeremy Prepscius

Asia Pacific Sustainability, Sustainable Supply Chains, Managing Director, PwC Hong Kong

Kirsty Haymon

Kirsty Haymon

Asia Pacific Sustainability, Social, Managing Director, PwC Australia