Evaluating and learning from the pandemic response

Threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic test the crisis responses of public institutions, businesses and citizens. When we look back, it will become clear what governments could have done better.

Identifying gaps in a national security ecosystem

In recent decades, nations have become more sophisticated in their response to domestic and global threats, and the threats themselves have become more complex.

Threat response requires a high level of collaboration between the public and private sectors that goes well beyond the role that defence and security have traditionally played in safeguarding nations.

Our Security Ecosystem Assessment Map (SEAM) methodology helps to identify gaps that can then be addressed to strengthen responses and assigns a risk level to the interactions that institutions have with other institutions in the security ecosystem.

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The Security Ecosystem Assessment Map (SEAM)

the national security ecosystem

Building resilience

If the SEAM framework is applied to the COVID-19 response, it can help identify gaps that can then be addressed to strengthen responses. The SEAM methodology assigns a risk level to the interactions that institutions have with other institutions in the security ecosystem. An appropriate response starts with understanding and identifying the points of connection between the individual entities in each of the relevant national security functions.

The way forward

This ecosystem itself is not static. Different threats require different entities and functions to coordinate their actions and form strong ‘seams’ where they connect.

Assessing weaknesses in the relationships between the institutions and organisations that need to work together in a crisis allows governments to make appropriate decisions about where to invest in order to mitigate risk.

COVID-19 is a test of institutional resilience. Understanding where institutions succeed and where they fall short will help everyone better prepare for the next test.

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