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Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace in financial services

We often talk about the importance of aligning business and talent management strategy and this is particularly important in the case of the latest set of employees to enter the workplace – the generation known as millennials.

Drawing on the results from our latest millennials survey, this report looks at how their unique characteristics demand an innovative approach to recruitment, retention, management and development, which organisations simply can’t afford to ignore.

Also available is an Asia version of the report as along with Africa, South America and the Middle East, Asia is a key strategic market for many financial services firms with 80% of business leaders in the sector saying they are planning to build up their business in these key regions over the coming year.

It’s predicted that China’s banking sector could overtake the US’s by 2023. The ability to attract and retain the new generation of employees will be a vital step for financial services firms in their ability to deliver on their long term strategies.

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