Mercelynne Okelo | PwC Kenya

Actuarial Science

What advice would you give to STEM graduates who may be considering applying to the Edge programme?

The Edge programme has enabled me to grow my network and create meaningful relationships which is important in helping you to advance in your career.

In the Edge programme, you get to experience different areas of the Deals business but there is also space for you to deepen your skills in an area that leverages your STEM background. So, you’ll obtain a breadth of professional experience but also more in-depth knowledge across Deals propositions, which allows you to become a subject matter specialist.

Getting to apply classroom knowledge to solve real life problems has been very exciting. A client may decide whether or not to invest based on your work, so seeing the significant impact of your work on those decisions is really fulfilling. I have had a steep learning curve on some of the engagements but I’m looking forward to more opportunities to deliver and grow in the Deals practice.

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“Seeing the impact of your work on client’s decisions, such as whether to invest or not, is really fulfilling!”

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