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What prompted you to apply for a career in Deals rather than a pure STEM career?

I originally chose to do my degree because I enjoy the abstract nature of mathematics and working with numbers. When it came to thinking about my career however, I wanted to be able to apply my technical skills and my love for numbers to something I consider is more useful and relevant to the economic sector and Deals affords me this opportunity.

How has having a STEM major helped you progress your Deals career to date?

I’m working with numbers every day so this is right up my street! My ability to “understand numbers” and my reasoning capacity helps me in analysis work, which is key in a range of areas within Deals, such as when completing due diligence. Not only that, I believe by doing a STEM degree I have developed a flexible mindset and the ability to be a quick learner, and these skills are crucial in the consultancy sector.

What has been your experience of being a woman in Deals?

Personally, I think being a female or male is just gender. I have been given exactly the same opportunities as my male colleagues in PwC Italy, so as a female from a STEM background I would thoroughly recommend a career in PwC Deals.

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“I’m confident that having developed additional abilities as a result of my Professional Qualification, I can hold my own with those who came from a financial background and who originally perhaps had a head-start over me.”

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