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Social and micro enterprises - businesses operating with a social or environmental purpose - have the ability to transform markets. A publication by PwC UK, explains that social enterprises are outperforming other SME’s in nearly every area: turnover growth, workforce growth, job creation, innovation, business optimism, and start-up rates. PwC’s Social Entrepreneurs Club - a network made up of 250 social enterprises - aims to support the growing group of businesses that are working to empower communities across the UK.

Members can take advantage of a number of exclusive networking, skills development and mentoring opportunities, provided by PwC UK, designed to help social entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses, as well as their impact.

The club centres around four core offerings which give members the opportunity to participate in areas of their interest and where they’re looking to develop themselves and their business.

  • Mentoring - PwC UK mentors offer social entrepreneurs guidance and a different perspective on their industry and approach. Mentors will listen and question as well as support social entrepreneurs through issues and challenges they face, and draw on their own knowledge and connections within PwC to help provide social entrepreneurs access to specific expertise when needed.  Anyone working for one of the social enterprises in the Social Entrepreneurs Club can access a PwC mentor.
  • Coaching - Tailored sessions with PwC UK partners and staff help social entrepreneurs focus on a specific issue or challenge. Coaching helps social entrepreneurs gain a different understanding of challenges and help identify routes towards a good outcome.  Coaching is led by a small group of PwC staff from different teams and areas of expertise.
  • Networking - Networking events connect members with peers and other leaders from the social enterprise community, as well as a wider PwC network of staff and clients. They typically focus on a topic or current theme with a panel of expert speakers.
  • Skills development - Short and interactive sessions with PwC partners and staff help members to enhance their skills and develop new ones in areas such as accounting, finance, impact measurement, proposal writing and digital media. There are also a number of sessions that focus on personal development, including wellbeing and resilience training, leadership and building networks.

Impact and potential:

Over the last five years, PwC partners and staff have volunteered more than 6,000 hours, with the  programme benefitting more than 485 social enterprises, and our cash, time and in-kind support providing a combined value of £2.5m to our club members and social enterprise partners.

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Bethan Grillo

Bethan Grillo

Global Corporate Sustainability Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited