Keeping children learning during COVID-19

New world. New skills. during uncertainty

PwC China is helping children who are studying from home due to COVID-19 to keep learning and stay positive in times of uncertainty.

Setting the scene

PwC China and Adream Foundation are working together to help close the skills and opportunity gap for children and youth in rural China. Together, PwC China and Adream Foundation have developed curriculum and programmes that provide quality education. 

In November 2019 Adream Foundation and PwC China opened four “Adream Centre” classrooms at schools in Midu, Yunnan province. The classrooms are equipped with digital learning tools and include teacher training packages to help narrow the digital skills gap for students.

With schools in China closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and children now continuing their learning at home, PwC China has been working with Adream Foundation on a series of podcasts to help support remote learning.

PwC China Adream

How we helped

The podcasts are aimed at helping to keep children learning whilst at home and staying positive in times of uncertainty. The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the world and has turned online conveniences into daily necessities. Students in many parts of the world are adjusting to doing their class work online. Students in China have been able to access additional learning through this new series of “New World.New Skills.” themed podcasts.

The podcasts developed by PwC China and the Adream Foundation, help to bring quality education to students in topics such as: online personal data privacy, personal credit and critical thinking. These three topics have generated over 1.8 million clicks through Adream’s official channels, since they were released in March 2020. These topics not only support students to continue their learning whilst unable to attend classes, the topics also support students in developing the knowledge and vital skills they may need to survive and thrive in the digital world. Each episode is available as a stand-alone article, developed as a 10+ minute podcast guided by Adream, students and sometimes a guest PwC Partner.

Wi.Fo!-Lab is a purpose-built virtual classroom that provides a wide range of audio contributions, texts, statistics, videos, explanatory films, web-based training and caricatures that explore the issue of business ethics.


In 2019 PwC globally released the New world. New skills. initiative that focuses on building the skills people will need in the digital age.

Bob Moritz, PwC Global Chairman, in a blog post wrote “already, there is a skills mismatch around the world and millions of jobs are going unfilled. It is not possible to recruit enough already-skilled people to do them. The only option is to help members of the existing workforce, those currently excluded, those starting their working lives and those in the next generation gain the knowledge and skills they need – and that society needs them to have – in the digital age”.

PwC China will continue working with Adream on this podcast initiative to incorporate other topics and lessons that focus on skills that New world. New skills. is aiming to develop.

“Adream's podcast is produced at the time of the pandemic by the Adream Foundation, together with its corporate supporters, volunteers and donors. The podcast delivers the voice of sense and positivity in a warm and timely manner, making the extended winter break more relaxing, refreshing and meaningful.”

Jiangxue Pan, Secretary general of Adream Foundation
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