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We’ve been strategic partners to the World Economic Forum (WEF) since the 1980s. In helping them with their mission to create a community of leaders who are committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation, we’ve joined forces on numerous projects and communities focusing on issues that will redefine the place in which we live today.

We're currently collaborating with the WEF on the major challenge around changing consumer attitudes towards sustainable business practices. As industry advisor to the WEF, we second our experts to help drive WEF industry initiatives. More often than not, these result in the publication of a report outlining recommendations for business, government and civil society. Our leaders also engage in global debates at annual and regional WEF events.

PwC at Davos

The WEF brings together prominent individuals from business, government and academia to discuss pressing global issues and identify solutions to these challenges at their Annual Meeting. The theme of the 2017 meeting was Responsible and Responsive Leadership.

Each year, we launch our Annual Global CEO Survey with the media and in discussion sessions with the CEOs attending the meeting. Our 20th CEO Survey launched on 16 January 2017. You can watch a replay of the launch webcast here.

Our involvement in WEF’s other communities

PwC support several of the initiatives, including Young Global Leaders, Global Future Council and Global Shapers Community, which are communities of exceptional leaders from across the globe. 

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a multistakeholder community of young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the global future. It recognizes outstanding and proven young leaders under the age of 40 across business, government, arts and culture, academia and media for their accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping a better future.

Already successful in their own fields, these individuals have joined together to co-create a community of insight and action committed to improving the state of the world. PwC’s Celine Herweijer and Laura Koopman continue their roles as Young Global Leaders.

Global Future Councils (GFC) formerly the Global Agenda Councils

World Economic Forum has initiated the Network of Global Future Councils, composed of the world's leading experts. These councils are mandated to explore systemic change in key areas such as energy, mobility and infrastructure, while reflecting on the impact of technological breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, biotechnology and other areas related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Celine Herweijer, PwC - member of the Global Future Council on Environment and Natural Resource Security for the 2016-2018 Hazem Galal, PwC - member of the Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization for the 2016-2018 term 

The Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs, developed and led by young people, under the age of 30 years old, who are exceptional in their potential and their achievement. Organized into city-based Hubs, Global Shapers have committed to working together to make a positive and tangible impact to society through local projects and initiatives in over 300 cities, tackling some of the most pressing problems in their communities. 

Our Chairman Bob Moritz is a Steward in the Shaping the Future of Education, Gender and Work system. System Initiatives connect stakeholders within and across industries and regions so they can collaborate on delivering positive change on systemic issues. Bob is also one of the Partnering Against Corruption (PACI) Vanguard CEOs. Driven by identified needs and interests of PACI Member companies, PACI undertakes initiatives to address industry, regional, country or global issues in anti-corruption and compliance.

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