Making a difference

PwC and the World Economic Forum

As a strategic partner to the WEF, we’re working together to help solve some of the important problems facing our world today.

A common agenda

We’re sharing our skills, expertise and insights with the WEF to make a real difference. From exploring how emerging technologies can be used sustainably to protect our planet, to addressing global issues related to anti-corruption and compliance, and much more.


Join us live - PwC at the WEF events

PwC at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, Dalian

This year's AMNC WEF meeting is being held on 1-3 July in Dalian.

Last year's meeting, held in September in Tianjin, brought together over 2,000 senior leaders from over 80 countries for sessions and discussions related to innovation, science and technology and saw PwC launch a report at the meeting on the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs in China.

Updates from PwC at AMNC

PwC at the meeting on Middle East and North Africa, Dead Sea, Jordan

Themed ‘Building New Platforms of Cooperation’, the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) brings together over 1,000 key leaders from government, business and civil society to enable collaboration on the most pressing challenges facing the region.

The meeting will provide a collaborative platform for generating progress on the regional agenda for inclusive growth, social advancement and sustainable development. As a strategic partner, PwC will have a strong presence at the event.

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PwC at Davos

The WEF Annual Meeting in Davos brings together prominent leaders from business, government, academia and the media to discuss pressing global issues and identify solutions to these challenges.

Every year, we launch the findings of our Global CEO Survey, which sheds light on the key opportunities and challenges facing business today and is one of the media highlights on the opening day of the WEF meeting.

PwC at Davos

PwC at the meeting on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Ha Noi

Also held in September, last year's meeting saw many of the region’s political, business, academic and civil society leaders, as well as start-ups, gathered in Ha Noi, Viet Nam to discuss the issues facing ASEAN and talk about the way forward.

With a seven-strong delegation in attendance at the event, PwC shared in-depth insights from our Future of ASEAN report.

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“The world today is dealing with lots of challenges, but more importantly, opportunities. Issues like income inequality, the impact of technology, refugees and immigration, fair taxation, cyber risks and other challenges. Davos is a great opportunity for us to be talking about all those topics with the right stakeholders, meaning business, government and community leaders around the world.”

Bob MoritzPwC Global Chairman

WEF projects we're involved in

Internet of Things: Sustainable Models for Impact

The Internet of Things has a crucial role to play in the digital transformation of industries, which are at the core of such technological trends as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and robotics. There is an enormous potential for IoT to deliver social value as part of commercially viable strategies. We’re working with the WEF to address challenges around architecture, security, governance, business models and other issues resulting from the diffusion of connected computing devices.

Climate Governance Initiative

This initiative focuses on how companies are implementing the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).  We’re working with the WEF to produce a set of principles around how boards govern climate-related impacts on their strategy, businesses, financial plans, risks and disclosure. The project involves drafting the principles and running a consultation process with companies to get them agreed, and producing a report for Davos 2019.

Fourth Industrial Revolution for the Earth

The innovations of 4IR hold great potential for improving management and governance of the global environment and delivering the systems change required to create clean, resource-secure and inclusive economies. We’re working with the WEF to harness that potential by mapping 4IR solutions against the most pressing environmental challenges, identifying and addressing related governance issues, and identifying and mobilising the critical ingredients that will enable 4IR solutions to scale.

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