Navigate risk and regulatory complexity

How do you identify and mitigate organizational risks? 

The health industry’s rapid evolution to patient-focused, value-based care stresses organizations already navigating a complicated, dynamic regulatory environment. Satisfying often-competing priorities introduces risks and complexity.

To reduce risk, companies must confront their top business issues:

  • Non-compliance with ever-changing and strictly enforced regulations may lead to low quality ratings.
  • Complex, mission-critical IT projects such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Systems Solutions, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) technology often go awry or fail to deliver anticipated benefit, carrying unintended risks.
  • Protecting sensitive data and systems while regulators, customers and caretakers demand information availability and transparency on safeguarding customer data remains a challenge.

PwC’s Risk assurance practice comprises 4,000 professionals the United States—300 of them focused on health industries. Our people offer a wealth of clinical, operational and technology experience to supplement the firm’s global financial management, tax specialization and business insight.

How PwC can help

PwC Risk assurance health professionals can:

  • assess entity-wide and regulatory risks and the effectiveness of your internal controls to mitigate them
  • help you select technology and design, configure, and automate processes for EHR and other enterprise solutions.
  • offer advanced risk and compliance analytics to help monitor compliance and controls.
  • assist you with specialized internal audits, including conducting mock CMS internal audits / assessment.
  • prepare you for or perform CMS "Independent Auditor Validations" when required


More ways we can help:

  • Healthcare and regulatory compliance
  • CMS rating risk
  • 340B provider risk
  • Research and higher education compliance risks
  • Service organization controls reporting
  • Revenue risk
  • Internal audit
  • Clinical risks
  • Business continuity
  • Media and advertising risks
  • IT project risks
  • EHR system risks
  • Cybersecurity and privacy risk
  • Enterprise systems solutions
  • GRC technology

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