PwC Accounting and Tax Symposium

The Accounting and Tax Symposium is an annual program sponsored by PwC that precedes the American Accounting Association meeting. Selected accounting faculty from top colleges and universities across the country are invited to learn more about PwC and the profession. The Accounting and Tax Symposium is a one and a half day program designed to update faculty on current business topics and issues. A variety of PwC partners and subject matter experts combine to provide a comprehensive update on topics that are important to the academic community.

The agenda for the 2014 Accounting and Tax Symposium at the Loews Atlanta Hotel includes the following topics and presenters:

Combined Accounting and Tax sessions:

  • Global Megatrends- Considering the Impacts to Global Businesses: Tim Ryan
  • Talent Transformation: Mike Fenlon
  • Data Analytics, Accounting Curriculum, and the Practitioner of the Future: Moderator – Mike Fenlon; Panelists - Vikas Agarwal, Mary Grace Davenport, Jon Davis, John Oleniczak, Andy Ruggles
  • Diversity & Inclusion update: Maria Moats
  • Women in Leadership: Moderator- Melissa Cook; Panelists - Rod Adams, Mark Mendola, Maria Moats, Mary Stone, Julie Williams

Accounting sessions:

  • Assurance Update: Vin Colman
  • Investor Exchange Role Play: Kayla Gillan, Pat Durbin, Karen Keelty 
  • SEC and Accounting Technical Update: Pat Durbin, Karen Keelty 
  • Audit Update: Natalie Protze, Neil Weingarten

Tax sessions:

  • Tax Update: Mark Mendola
  • Megatrends in Global Tax Controversy: David Swenson
  • Washington Legislative Update: Rohit Kumar
  • Accounting for Income Taxes: Ken Kuykendall, David Wiseman