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Considering an IPO? Have you thought about Sustainability Disclosures?


Today’s investors have raised the bar on what they consider material to the performance of their investments. In addition to financial information, investors are calling for transparency on a host of issues—many of them in the area of sustainability.

Do you know how to think like an activist investor?


Companies that put themselves in an activist investor’s shoes, are most able to anticipate, prepare for and respond to an activist campaign.

Staying focused on solid valuation strategy in a field of unicorns


Whether your company is a start-up or a mature business, good valuations ultimately depend on an understanding of the scope and limitations of various valuation methodologies and the ability to synthesize financial/theoretical knowledge.

Green shoots appear – US IPO market thaws: Q2 2016 IPO Watch


Investors began to test the US IPO market in the second quarter after the slowest start to the year since 2009. However, June saw increased concern around the economy and geopolitical events.

3 tips to improving your options in dealmaking – Using divestitures to create “addition” by “subtraction”


Clients need to thoroughly understand their divestiture options and realize how they play into the bigger picture of a deal or strategic direction of the business.

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