PwC named 2007 Catalyst Award winner

Catalyst Award Winner
PwC is proud to be named a 2007 Catalyst Award winner. As the first time recipient of this prestigious award, we're honored to join Goldman Sachs, PepsiCo and Scotia Bank as this year’s winners. Catalyst, the premier organization dedicated to women's business leadership, honors strategic business initiatives that result in women’s advancement every year.

The Catalyst Award's selection process is extremely rigorous. Each of the Catalyst Award-winning initiatives is evaluated against a specific set of criteria, including: measurable results, accountability, business rationale, senior leadership support, communication, and originality. PwC was selected for its "The Unique People Experience (UPE)" initiative, which addresses the costly issues of turnover and retention of top talent. The initiative was intended to decrease turnover, enhance clients’ experiences, and optimize staff productivity by recognizing, respecting, and managing the differences among people. UPE consists of two intersecting components: a significant shift in the way work gets done and an emphasis on inclusion. The award was given based on the changes the Firm has made from 2001 to 2006; including work re-design efforts, an increase in women's leadership, a decrease in turnover for women, and innovative work/life programs.

We are very proud to receive this honor in the 20th Anniversary year of the Catalyst Award. It is yet another validation of the progress we've made on our journey to become a Great Place to Work for everyone. This external validation further supports other recognition, as listed on our awards page.