Finance Transformation

In a business-led transformation, finance is taking on the role as a business partner, and less of a transactional processing role.

With customer-centricity as a key focus of businesses, finance can no longer be a standalone domain. As other functions digitise, so must finance, in order to partner the business effectively with agility, responsiveness and relevancy.


The 4 forces challenging the future of finance

The global impact of emerging digitalisation trends is creating an urgent need for the role and capabilities of finance to change, so as to better support the business.

Emerging technologies

Increasing data volumes combined with siloed information systems generate an opportunity for improvement and cross-collaboration.


of the ASEAN CEOs agree AI will have larger Impact on the world than the internet revolution

PwC 22nd Global CEO Survey - ASEAN Findings


of the ASEAN CEOs concerned about availability of key skills

PwC 22nd Global CEO Survey - ASEAN Findings

Workforce skills gap

The finance workforce of the future is critical to your success. To achieve it, businesses must focus on improving digital literacy, investing in data analytics and science skills and promoting interdisciplinary teams to foster new approaches.

Investor/ cost pressures

Growing cost pressures, increasing global competition, and an intensifying regulatory environment mean that businesses are facing fiercer challenges than ever.


Singapore CEOs expect global GDP growth to decline in the next 12 months

PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey – Singapore Report

'Information gap'

- the existing gap between the information CEOs need and what they get - still remains a key concern

PwC 22nd Global CEO Survey - ASEAN Findings

Reporting and analytics

A sustainable and scalable analytics infrastructure to holistically monitor the performance of your business for improved decision making.

How can you transform your finance function into an intelligent, digital business partner?

People, Process, and Technology are the 3 enablers that allow finance to move towards digitalisation. Our modern finance transformation solution offers connected, digitally-powered offerings that are designed to help you tailor and accelerate your transformation based on your people, process and performance goals.

Lead with People

It is critical for Finance to attract, develop and retain the right skills and talents to cope with the demands of the future. Finance leaders should consider the shifting expectations of the workforce and workplaces to remain attractive.


of CEOs were concerned about the availability of key skills. Of those, 32% were “extremely concerned

PwC Report - Upskilling: Building confidence in an uncertain world

Finance workforce of the future

Modern finance talent expects to have clarity of purpose, learning development, career path flexibility, a culture of diversity and empowerment, and a modern workplace.

Finance modern workplaces

A cloud-enabled workplace, fitted with new working methods and collaboration tools, enables a remote workforce that can operate smarter and faster, beyond physical and geographical boundaries.

Lead with Process

Process Excellence will unlock capacity and allow Finance to better allocate resources and operate more effectively.


of time can be reduced with finance automation and behavior change

The PwC Finance Benchmarking Report 2019-20

Process excellence and automation

Leverage customised Cloud ERP, automated end-to-end transaction processes with RPA or tap on blockchain and speech recognition tools to make your processes more seamless.

Risk and regulatory

Predictive controls and anomaly analysis are able to provide you with retrospective trend analysis, further enhancement can be made with integration tools such as electronic regulatory reporting.

Cloud ERP

Simplify and standardise global processes and control with the next generation cloud ERP that is of a 'fit to standard' design. This can improve data quality and efficiency of processes.

Lead with Performance

Finance has a critical role to play, sitting alongside the business to navigate and mediate performance management decisions.


of business analysts’ time in top performing finance functions is spent on developing insight

The PwC Finance Benchmarking Report 2019-20

Connected self-service data

Consolidating all financial data on a platform enable you to tap into better business insights. Create quality data and a single source of the truth across disparate systems and unstructured data with real time self-service reporting.

Performance excellence

Possess the ability to model and compare performance outcomes and investment trade-off choices with integrated cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution, which includes real-time planning, and budget and scenario modeling.

Awards and recognition

PwC is honoured to receive the Anaplan Asia Partner of the Year 2021 award.

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