Forging the power and water markets of the future

A PwC power & utilities roundtable covers the Middle East, Africa and Asia

Expert insight

Power and water market design varies significantly across the Middle East (ME), Africa and Asia. But policy-makers everywhere face the common challenge of ensuring outcomes are consistent with their policy targets and investment requirements. In many locations, water resources are stretched. And as power systems become more decentralised, the need to balance energy resilience with flexibility is adding a new tension to the central trilemma of reliability, affordability and sustainability.

In October 2018, a roundtable composed of experts from 17 countries and five continents debated the lessons learnt from practical experience of what is working well and what’s proving more problematic. The roundtable event, which is part of PwC’s industry programme for power & utilities companies worldwide, brought together leading figures from government, the utilities sector and other stakeholders to discuss common challenges. Participants also examined the balance between policy prescription and market-led change. Most importantly, the illuminated the challenges that lie ahead and how they can be resolved. 

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Market transformation: Viewpoints on the challenges in the Middle East and Africa.

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Technological change: Viewpoints on how change is shaping the utilities future in the Middle East and Africa.

Key issues

We take a deep dive into the main talking points arising from the discussion about power and water market design across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Go straight to the heart of the discussion with leading players in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

A focus on integration and trading

What are the big opportunities that lie ahead to better integrate and develop power markets?

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Private investment in the water sector

Should we be focusing on privatisation or public-private partnerships?

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Implications of the growth of renewables

What are the views on outlook for storage?                         

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