Transportation Minister continuously accelerates construction project and optimises services of Patimban

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Investor Daily - Menhub terus kebut proyek dan optimalkan layanan Patimban

07 June 2021

By: Thresa Sandra Desfika


Jakarta — Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi is continuously accelerating the construction and optimising the services of Patimban Port in Subang in West Java. The Transportation Minister also ensures that the construction progress of Patimban port phase 1-1 that consists of packages 1, 2, 3, and 4 is running excellently.

“The construction progress is going excellently. We want Patimban Port to provide a sense of pride and maximum benefit for the national economy,” the Transportation Minister said during his visit to Patimban Port on Sunday (6/6).

During his visit, the Transportation Minister led the meeting with several related parties to discuss the effort to accelerate the construction and the optimisation of services of Patimban port. Moreover, the construction progress of Patimban Port phase 1-1, specifically package 1, has reached 99.8%. The package consists of the 420 x 34 metre container terminal with a capacity of 250,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), the 300 x 33 metre car terminal with a capacity of 218,000 completely built ups (CBUs), the 60-hectare reclamation area, and the pool area. Then, package 2 consists of the breakwater and seawall constructions as well as the shipping route dredging that have reached 91.4%.

Meanwhile, the access bridge is included in package 3, and the progress has reached 69.2%. The packages are set to be finished at the end of 2021.

“The access road construction in package 4 is 100% finished. However, there are still some additional construction at the ramp on and the ramp off sections to the port that will be finished immediately,” the Transportation Minister revealed.

He continued that the Transportation Minister was targeting the construction of phase 1-2 that consisted of packages 5 and 6 that would construct the car terminal, office buildings, and the container terminal to be finished by 2023 at the latest.

Furthermore, the Transportation Minister is asking all parties to put in maximum effort so that ships can immediately operate in Patimban Port. Starting from the maritime highway ships of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) and PT Pelni, both passenger and cargo ships. For maritime highway ships, the Transportation Minister explained that they were planned to go to various regions, such as Belawan, Medan, and Natuna Island from Patimban Port.

Meanwhile, for passenger ships, the Transportation Minister is asking Pelni to reopen routes from and to Patimban Port, such as from Surabaya to Tanjung Priok with at least 4 ships transiting in Patimban Port.


Patimban Port is managed by PT Pelabuhan Patimban Internasional (PPI) using the public-private partnership (PPP) scheme. This is set by the PPP agreement signing by Sea Transportation Director General R. Agus H. Purnomo and PT PPI President Director Fuad Rizal on 17 March 2021.

Transportation Ministry Secretary General, Djoko Sasono, said that, after the PPP agreement was effective, then PPI would officially be the operator that would manage Patimban Port, which was expected to provide prime services and manage the port as efficiently as possible to lower the national logistics cost significantly.

While waiting for the port to be operated by PPP using the PPP scheme, the Transportation Ministry has assigned PT Pelindo III (Persero) to temporarily operate Patimban Port.

Hence, at the same time as the PPP agreement signing, a management contract agreement to temporarily operate Patimban Port by Class II Patimban KSOP Head Heri Purwanto and PT Pelindo III General Manager Sandy Syahrizal Alam was conducted.

According to Djoko, this is implemented to accelerate the operation and the appeal of Patimban Port to effectively and efficiently meet logistics demand while waiting for the handover process to PPI to operate Patimban Port using the PPP scheme.

“I hope that the PPP agreement on Patimban Port and the temporary operation contract of Patimban Port can be implemented excellently in line with the applicable regulations so that services in Patimban Port can be carried out effectively and efficiently,” he said.

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