High-Speed Railway requires 1,200 experts: Taps BPSDM

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Investor Daily: KA Cepat butuh 1.200 SDM andal: Gandeng BPSDM

13 July 2020


Jakarta – PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC) requires around 1,200 qualified experts when Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway is operational. Hence, KCIC is cooperating with Agency for the Development of Human Resources in Transportation (BPSDMP) of the Transportation Ministry to acquire the human resources.

BPSDMP Head Sugihardjo revealed that he appreciated the cooperation as it was a form of link and match between education institutions and the industry. He is also encouraging KCIC to tap the government and the public to synergise in realizing expert and competent human resources for the railways sector.

“Vocational education at BPSDMP schools, as well as the availability of training facilities, such as simulators, are an added value that can produce graduates who are ready for work. This will make graduates of the railways study program of BPSDMP schools able to work at MRT, LRT, and KAI,” Sugihardjo revealed in his official statement on Sunday (12/7).

He added that, to achieve results that are more optimal to secure 1,200 human resources for KCIC, the workforce would be hired gradually through education or training, both regular and tailor made.

Furthermore, Sugihardjo highlighted the dynamics of technologies that were developing rapidly in the transportation sector. The high-speed train construction in Indonesia and the cooperation are expected to provide new knowledge and insights on the system of the high-speed train for schools related to the government office.

Head of Training   Affairs   of   the   Land Transportation Human Resources Development Centre (PPSDMPD) Suharto added that there were two schools that owned railways facilities and study program, namely Politeknik Transportasi Darat in Bekasi and Politeknik Perkeretaapian Indonesia in Madiun.

“This cooperation agreement is the continuation of the mutual agreement signed by Transportation Ministry Secretary General and KCIC President Director last year. “This is an opportunity for our schools to look at a railway system, in this case the high-speed railway’s, which has the newest technologies,” Suharto said.

On the other hand, PT KCIC President Director Chandra Dwiputra said that he appreciated the cooperation agreement. For the technical aspects of the operation, Chandra said that the high-speed train would travel at up to 300 km per hour, so safety was crucial.


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