Positive Working Environment

Health and Wellness

Behind our success, lies the hard work of our people. PwC provides programmes and facilities to support the health and wellness of PwC staff: in-house counselling, general practiticioner and dental clinics, wellness-seminars, dedicated nursing room, and gym subscription at subsidized costs. You can also find colleagues who share the same interests in our firm-funded clubs, such as futsal, yoga and dance clubs. 

Respecting D&I Environment

PwC is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace wehere everyone can succeed in achieving his or her personal and professional goals. Because we know that when people from different backgrounds and different points of view work together, they create the greatest value - for our business, our clients and society. 

Collaborative Working Environment

As PwC staff, you will have the chance to collaborate across level, line of services, and global network. Not only in terms of work, get involved too in firm-wide events. 

People Engagement Initiatives

Does your burst of energy come from belonging to an awesome team? In PwC, we build relationships that go far beyond office hours. Team Gathering, Away Day and Annual Outing are regularly held to get together, strengthen team bonding and celebrate the success of the team.


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In-house counselling

General practicioner


Nursery room


Dental clinic

Customised pantry and praying room


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