Lifetime Personal Growth Opportunity

We want to be right behind our people all the way, supporting each other to unleash our potential, be the best and make things happen

What PwC has to offer is not just a job, but the opportunity of a lifetime. We'll provide the coaching, formal learning, and experiences that allow PwC staff to build relationships and take advantage of career opportunities. At PwC, we are developed into a well-rounded professional and become the clients' trusted business advisor - helping them solve their most important problems. 

We are committed to developing top-notch professionals. Development of our people is key ─ we take a holistic approach to learning by combining a variety of innovative learning approaches with on-the-job coaching and career milestone development experiences, to empower you to build successful and rewarding careers.

PwC staff receive world-class learning opportunities. Explore technical, business, and life skills learning programs and specialized courses, some of which can be taken virtually, anytime, anywhere.

By assigning a coach, we are able to guide our staff on their career development, where they can continue to grow and develop. Coaching, either formal or informal, happens every day at PwC.
While coach will provide counselling and share his/her technical expertise and knowledge, every employee at PwC is expected to be proactive, be a team player who takes initiatives in every assignment and build meaningful relationships with others.

A buddy will also be assigned to every new hire at PwC to help them settle in and have a smooth alignment process during their first year with the firm.

We have many challenging client assignments, from rocket-fuelled start-ups to the world’s leading organisations. Coupled with conducive working environment, and solid team works constantly throughout the year, our people are constantly learning, and their ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. The exposure to valuable clients among multiple industries give PwC staff valuable opportunities to learn about their businesses and develop their interpersonal skill as part of on-going self development.

PwC is committed to building the professional careers of our people.Appraisal at PwC will determine career development and promotion of our staff.

The time taken to progress through the different grades will depend on each individual’s pace. Individual strength will be highlighted, while their improvement areas will be further developed. PwC staff promotion will be evaluated based on their consistent performance.

Who has not dreamed of gaining some work experience abroad, getting to exposure to new environments and discover other cultures and business practices?

With offices in 721 locations and across 158 countries,gain access to the local, regional and international knowledge our clients need. We have developed a vast network of international mobility opportunities.

A transparent & future-oriented career outlook with a dedicated career coach. We provide in-the-moment feedback that happens in the course of our daily work.

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