Infrastructure Business Case Training

Overview and Objectives

The Infrastructure Business Case™ certification course and examination is are based on The Five Case Model and is are being adopted around the world by G20 countries. 

Every infrastructure project or programme will benefit from having a reasonable and structured business case to explain why it is needed and how it can be taken forward. The step-by-step approach of the Five Case Model helps to create delivery confidence, by ensuring and demonstrating that projects have been robustly scoped and realistically planned from the outset, and that they remain so throughout the entire life cycle.

PwC is pleased to offer APMG-accredited Infrastructure Business Case™ training at Foundation level in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.


How we do it

A typical two-day Infrastructure Business Case training course is structured as follows:

Day 1:

  • An overview of the Five Case Model  (Why is it needed? How is it used? How is it developed?)
  • Business cases in context: policies, programmes, and projects
  • The Five Cases:
    • Strategic Case – including the development of the ‘case for change’ (business needs – the gap between the expected outcomes and the current situation); identifying the benefits, risks, constraints, and dependencies.
    • Economic Case – including long-listing and short-listing using the ‘options framework’; economic modelling techniques; the principles of a cost benefit analysis and the different approaches to applying economic and financial modelling; and the treatment of benefits, risks, and sensitivities in these analyses.
    • Commercial Case – including the commercial strategy for procuring the required services and the processes relating to procurement (and how these interact with/update the Economic Case when selecting a preferred supplier) as well as the ‘balance sheet treatment’ of any assets that are created.

These elements are supported by real life examples, to demonstrate how these cases are developed in practice, and supplemented by group exercises and interactive discussions throughout the day, to provide variety and interest.


Day 2:
  • The Five Cases (continued):
    • Financial Case – demonstrating affordability and funding availability, as well as the cash flow and accountancy treatment.  We use this as an opportunity to reinforce the difference between the economic and financial cases, which is often confused.
    • Management Case – demonstrating deliverability; the approach to delivering the investment proposal; the scrutiny/approval processes; and the project plan for the delivery of the required infrastructure and accompanying organizational change. We will also have a detailed discussion of the risk management and the realization of the benefits in this section.
  • ‘Fit with best practice’ and a discussion of the (often) complex arrangements for assurance, scrutiny and approval – particularly the importance of presenting the business case to different audiences and striking the right balance in terms of detail/brevity according to the audience and the occasion
  • Practical group exercises to test understanding and strengthen learning
  • A discussion of ‘what does a good business case look like?’

If APMG certification is required, then it can be administered at the end of Day 2 or processed online at the convenience of the delegates.

Who should attend

  • Senior Responsible Owners (SROs), Programme Directors, and other Directors with responsibility for the successful delivery of programmes and projects.
  • Project Managers, Project Team Members, and Specialist Advisers tasked with delivering a business cases for infrastructure projects.
  • Officers who are involved in the scrutiny and review of infrastructure investment proposals.

Level of qualification

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner (TBC)



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Training schedule

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Training duration

Typically, we offer two days Foundation Level training. However, courses can be further tailored to your needs.


The Infrastructure Business Case Training is delivered by our team of APMG-accredited trainers. Click here to see our team.

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