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Power in Indonesia: Investment and Taxation Guide 2017

The 5th edition of PwC Indonesia's popular “Power in Indonesia: Investment and Taxation Guide” has been updated extensively for the substantial volume of regulatory and policy developments in 2017. The Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key commercial and taxation considerations for investors in the Indonesian power sector, and should be of interest to existing industry players, potential investors, and others with an interest in the status of this economically critical sector for the development of Indonesia. We hope readers will find our updates on these developments beneficial and we welcome queries on investing in the Indonesian power sector.

Exploring Alternative Solutions to Infrastructure Financing

The rise of infrastructure developments in Indonesia calls for alternative sources of financing and creative deal structures for funding. While this may be seen as a compounding opportunity for investment, the complexity it brings to taxation, accounting and other aspects of financial reporting cannot be discounted. This paper lays out the implications and several key considerations in designing and structuring commonly seen alternative financing solutions.

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