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Dennis Nally reveals the results from PwC's latest global annual survey of CEOs

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Energy Utilities & Mining

Mining in Indonesia

Investment and Taxation Guide 2015

It is now six years since the 2009 Law on Mineral and Coal Mining No.4 of 2009 (the "Mining Law")was promulgated, with the aim of maximising the benefits of the coal and minerals sectors for Indonesia. Various key implementing regulations,including related amendments, have been issued by the Government over the past five years to ensure that the ultimate goals of the Mining Law can be realised. Read more

New Publication

An investor survey of the Indonesian oil and gas industry

Challenges for a new era

This is the seventh edition of our survey of the Indonesian oil and gas industry, and where applicable we have analyzed the collective trends in survey participants’ responses using the current and prior reports. The survey responses come from 95 respondents from 75 different companies currently operating in the Indonesian oil and gas sector and therefore can be used to draw credible conclusions about the issues preventing the industry from reaching its full potential. Read more

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Bob Moritz, Senior Partner, PwC US

From risk resilience to resilient growth

Bob Moritz, Senior Partner, PwC US