Executing a successful IPO

For companies serious about going public

Taking your company public is a transformational event, perhaps the most important your company will go through. Done properly an Initial Public Offering (IPO) not only supports your company’s continued growth it can change the lives and fortunes of everyone involved (owners, employees and investors).

Start preparing now – be ready when the IPO market is ready for you

PwC has a strong and established record helping companies from all over the world plan and execute successful IPOs. This PwC IPO Centre publication describes the key considerations and challenges as well as the most important phases of the IPO process. In this publication you can also find a useful checklist of things to consider on how to execute a successful IPO.

Preparing for a successful IPO

Preparing for an IPO is like choreographing an intricate ballet. Just as a ballet is constructed from individual dance steps and musical notes, the IPO consists of separate, elemental processes that are interdependent on one another. Every part of the company plays an important role, and each contribution must be coordinated and staged precisely. Strong leaders, careful planning, and talented performers can make the difference between failure and a winning performance.

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