Legal entity risk assessment


PwC's Legal Services network offers risk assessments to evaluate the corporate secretarial status of your business—wherever you are in the world. These services can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business, ensuring that your subsidiaries are able to pass their individual compliance health check reviews and a global validation exercises.

Compliance health check

Our corporate secretarial compliance health check review helps determine if your group entities—domestically or internationally—are fully compliant, and up-to-date on all their compliance obligations. The health check is designed to identify actual (and potential) areas of non-compliance and provide recommendations about corrective action.

Failure to meet such requirements can lead to fines, personal liabilities for corporate officers and the possible dissolution of the entity, as well as causing reputational damage to the business.

Global validation

Our global validation process provides a more in-depth review of all corporate information, including, director and officer information, share capital details and corporate addresses. Failure to address such issues and ensure that suitable signatories are in place, can create problems for companies looking to reorganise the group and may have a negative impact on the operational side of the business. Information housed on your corporate databases or hard copy files is compared to the information held in the subsidiary corporate records, and against that held on the applicable in-country public registries. Discrepancies are identified and the appropriate rectification actions recommended. Our global network can coordinate directly with the local registries, court or chambers of commerce in each country, thus providing an efficient approach that removes most the administrative burden from you.

The PwC perspective

Working with our colleagues in the PwC global network enables us to have easy access to tax and accounting specialists who compliment our services through their Global Compliance Services network.

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Working alongside our corporate lawyer colleagues we can provide assistance on corporate simplification or group restructuring projects in an unparalleled number of territories

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