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Meeting your investors' ESG expectations video transcript

The Leadership Agenda

Meeting your investors' ESG expectations

ESG goals are a major factor for investors and a key priority for their portfolio companies.

Attitudes towards ESG risks and opportunities, % of respondents who agree


Around 80% of respondents to a PwC survey noted ESG as a vital factor in their decision-making

Just under 70% believed executive compensation targets should include ESG factors

Almost half were willing to divest from companies not proactive on ESG issues

But that doesn’t mean investors are willing to accept a lower rate of return in exchange for ESG benefits. 

A breakdown of what investors will accept, % of respondents 


To create trust and boost investor  support and buy-in companies should:

  • Take ESG reporting as seriously as their financial reporting

  • Actively engage the C-Suite in their ESG agenda

  • Drive towards a common set of ESG standards whilst leveraging the best of existing standards

  • Use greater transparency and reliable reporting

What you can do next to boost investor confidence:

  • Be upfront about prospects for long-term value creation

  • Be transparent with risk management strategy and include unexpected risks

  • Reimagine and redesign reporting and operationsDrive towards new outcomes and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable value creation


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