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Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace

The millennial generation, now entering into employment, will reshape the world of work. Are you ready?

Disruptive innovation and generational change are set to create new industries and business models and destroy old ones. The role of technology, digital transformation, big data and social networks will have a huge impact on how organisations and the workplaces of the future will function. The job titles of tomorrow will be ones we’ve not even thought of yet.

As generations collide, workforces become more diverse and people work longer, what are the implications for career models? And how does HR evolve to cater for employees who want to design their own contracts, working arrangements, rewards and benefits packages? As talent management meets the science of human behaviour, and predictive analytics becomes more common place there will be a demand for a very different set of HR and talent management practices.

So what’s to be done? The pace of change and complexity seem to be increasing at an exponential rate. But costs still need to be managed across businesses and HR functions - and risks impact every decision.

HR needs to lead the way – but is it equipped, empowered and ready to consider the implications and necessary strategies required to deal with evolving and multiple visions of the future?