It’s time to rethink your value-creation strategy video transcript

The Leadership Agenda

Aaron Gilcreast

“One, if you're not already thinking about the role and purpose of your organization in dealing with some of these big issues, the reality is that the expectation right now for CEOs, and executives in-inside the corporate C-suites to really be focused on purpose and what is it that their organization can do, within the context of their business. Not philanthropically, just philanthropically, but within the context of their business operations to help deal with these challenging problems.

Two, know this. There are win-wins here. This is,  you know, I think one of the false dichotomies we've set up as as a business community is that somehow taking care of our stakeholders, is at odds with taking care of our shareholders. You know, good business people are focused on doing right by their customers, their employees, their suppliers and the like, and in doing that, create value for their business, and ultimately, that does create value for shareholders.

And then, thirdly, maybe to round that point out, you can't do this well without decision-making frameworks that take account of some of the harder to quantify attributes that these types of discussions, these issues.”