The C-suite has a cybersecurity communication gap

With security breaches on the rise and customers valuing trustworthiness, CEOs need closer contact with their information security chiefs.

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CISOs ranking positions in the organisation by degree of contact, %

10% of CISOs

name the CEO as the position with whom they have the least contact

21% of CISOs

name the CEO among the three positions with whom they have the least contact

CISOs ranking CEO among their three positions of least contact, by region

Eastern Europe
Western Europe
North America

With cyberattacks on the rise and security breaches increasingly being regarded as a violation of trust, CEOs have to work closely with chief information security officers to develop and communicate effective cybersecurity strategies. But data from PwC’s 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights Survey shows that close collaboration doesn’t seem to be happening. When CISOs were asked to name which position in the organization they had the least contact with, 10% said CEOs. And about one-fifth of CISOs cited CEOs as being among the three leaders with which they had the least contact. To close this gap, CEOs have to take the time to build relationships and act as trusted partners to CISOs. By doing so, they can empower the CISO and security teams to equip employees with the necessary skills and mindset to keep the company and its assets secure. 

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