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ETFs: A roadmap to growth

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We are pleased to share the perspectives we have gained in our 2nd Annual Global Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) survey entitled “ETFs: A roadmap to growth”. ETFs continue to dominate flows, setting a record US$351 billion in global flows for 2015. Regional ETF record flows were achieved in Europe and Canada, while the US and Asia regions approached near record flows in 2015.

Based on a variety of factors outlined in this publication, the survey participants expect even more ETF growth across North America, Europe and Asia, with global ETF assets expected to exceed US$7 trillion by 2021. Please download our report to read more about about the themes we've identified with respect to ETFs: 

  • Growth
  • Distribution
  • Products
  • Regulation
  • Technology
  • Globalisation 

The market for ETFs is likely to grow at a healthy rate over the coming years. New firms are expected to enter the ETF space, either organically or through acquisitions. More investor segments are likely to continue to find new and different ways to use ETFs as part of their investment strategy, which will help to possibly drive global ETF assets above US$7 trillion by 2021.

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