Our Leadership Team

Leadership Team members are:

  • Miles Everson, Advisory
  • Julie Fitzgerald, Priority Services and Critical Markets
  • Stefan Frühauf, Project and Change Leadership
  • Vicky Huff Eckert, New Services
  • Agnès Hussherr, Human Capital
  • Stehanie Hyde, Middle Market
  • Chris Kelkar, Global Alignment
  • Colm Kelly, Tax & Legal
  • Dana Mcilwain, Chief Administrative Officer and Global Operations
  • Richard Oldfield, Global Markets and Services
  • Carol Sawdye, Chief Operating Officer
  • Richard Sexton, Assurance
  • Robert Swaak, Global Clients, Industries and Sectors
  • Mary Waldron, Chief Risk Officer
  • Diana Weiss, Global General Counsel
  • Sigal Zarmi, Chief Information Officer

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Mike Davies
Director, Global communications, PwC UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7804 2378

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