Supply chain planning and optimization

Disruptions in supply chains are happening more and more frequently. A key cause for this is the fact that supply chains are often global and complex, and companies are dealing with suppliers and demands that face the same challenges.  Disruptions take the form of fluctuations in demand and supply, and are often managed in silos by each stakeholder. This lack of integration amplifies and increases the already existing pressures to deliver on time, at the right place and best possible cost, as well as with the right quality and profitability.

How PwC can help

To meet your customer and channel demands, PwC teams provide end-to-end supply chain planning and optimization expertise, tools, and leading practices. We help clients achieve significant cost savings and improvements in quality and service, and embed a culture of performance measurement and continuous improvement.

Our services include

  • Sales and operations planning
  • Demand planning
  • Production and program planning
  • Supply planning and inventory optimization
  • Resource and capacity management
  • Material management
  • Manufacturing and production scheduling

With the power of our strategic alliances you can benefit from leading technology-enabled planning capabilities that define customer demand and align capacity across the enterprise and the extended supply chain. We can help you plan, simulate and optimize your global supply chain.

Our Alliances 

PwC | QAD-DynaSys Alliance

PwC is the North American integrator of QAD-DSCP and DynaSys supply chain management solutions. DynaSys — a division of QAD Inc. — is one of the leading providers of collaborative Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) solutions. The DynaSys solution enables collaborative planning that allows businesses to optimize their supply chains, including sales and operations planning, demand planning, network and inventory and business resources optimization.

For more information about DynaSys: and QAD:


PwC | Siemens-Preactor Alliance

PwC is a Gold Solution provider in the implementation of SIMATIC IT Preactor. SIMATIC IT Preactor is a world leading production planning and scheduling software, used by a wide range of businesses worldwide. SIMATIC IT Preactor APS products are designed to work alongside and facilitate, rather than replace, existing systems. They can be tightly integrated with ERP, accounting and forecasting software, spreadsheets, MES and SFDC systems. For more information about Preactor:


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