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Automate business processes and augment human judgment with artificial intelligence

Transforming the way we work

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to change almost everything about the way we do business—and could contribute up to US$15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. It’s creating a world where human abilities are amplified as machines help us analyze and evaluate the abundance of data that flows through our organizations.

Tomorrow’s AI leaders are setting their strategies today. And we’re helping them navigate the world of AI safely, strategically and responsibly.

84% of Canadian CEOs agree AI will significantly change their business within the next five years.

22nd CEO Survey—Canadian insights

We’re working with organizations around the world to transform their businesses and solve important problems using AI:


Developed a cost-effective solution for handling insurance claims based on machine learning that reduced the time spent on fraud detection by 40%.

Created a simulation model that identified opportunities to reduce costs while limiting the significant impact the changes would have on wait times and the customer’s checkout experience.

Health care
Modelled the optimal organization of a new outpatient facility, including the right mix of operating rooms and surgeons.

Oil and gas
Evaluated the factors impacting natural gas prices by building a simulation model to address the effect of new technologies, demand, yield, and regulation.

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Six AI priorities you can’t afford to ignore

Companies that focus their efforts in six key areas will be far ahead of other businesses this time next year.

  1. Structure: Formalize your approach and develop company-wide capabilities so projects can be replicated and built into a greater whole.
  2. Workforce: Develop a workforce strategy with three collaborative levels of AI-savvy employees: users, developers and data scientists.
  3. Trust: Make AI responsible in all its dimensions.
  4. Data: Integrate AI and analytics systems to gain business insights from data.
  5. Reinvention: AI’s greatest economic impact will come from high-quality, personalized and data-driven products and services.
  6. Convergence: Integrate AI with other technologies, such as robotics, Internet of Things and blockchain.

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The responsible AI framework

We need to wield AI’s power with care so customers and stakeholders can trust it as it transforms our world. Based on our experience, we can help you use AI in ways that are responsible, secure and trustworthy.

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Responsible by design

How your organization can embrace GenAI without risking your reputation.

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Five approaches to responsible AI:


Bias: There are many ways AI can develop biases. We help you test for bias and improve fairness across groups.

Interpretability: We help users and consumers trust AI systems by making sure your machine learning models are explainable, transparent and provable.

Robustness and security: We help you identify potential weaknesses, improve performance, withstand cybersecurity breaches and monitor the long-term performance of AI.

Governance: AI must be auditable. We help you design effective AI operating models and processes to improve accountability and quality.

Ethics, morality and legality: We help you assess the ethical nature of AI within your organization and make sure it operates within the boundaries established by regulation.

Business transformation through intelligent automation

Our approach to AI is about more than technology—it’s about business transformation. With our cross-industry experience, we combine transformation planning with people, technology and business understanding to find the right solution for your needs.

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Leading a bionic transformation

Three new kinds of capital give companies a new source of leverage and power.

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AI is approaching or exceeding our abilities to sense, think and act in complex business environments:


AI is increasingly able to see, hear, speak, feel and understand the world around it. This includes audio and speech recognition, machine vision and navigation capabilities.


Automated intelligence helps you do tasks faster, augmented intelligence helps you make better decisions and autonomous intelligence helps you execute complex tasks.


AI and robotic process automation are equalling or exceeding our ability to do certain tasks, such as driving cars, making financial recommendations and flagging cybersecurity activities.

Our approach

We help clients unlock their business intelligence to make significant business impact. Our approach to analytics and AI balances technology transformation and human engagement through six different lenses:

Business decisions

Align your approach to AI with business strategy and identify and develop an automation business case.

Data and information

Make use of large volumes of internal and external data with secure, real-time data processing.


Work to modernize your platforms to enable AI while developing applications for mobile, web and the business.


Develop an operating model with clarity on roles, responsibilities and potential risks.

Process and integration

Streamline metrics and improve interactions between analytics teams and business owners. Redefine and redeploy skills to reflect new processes and capacity.

Culture and talent

Put your people first with any new AI initiative, then develop the right internal skills and behaviours that support cultural transformation around AI.

AI initiatives

AI-powered supply chains: Making your supply chain bionic 

Supply chains everywhere are being disrupted by digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in the 21st century, strength is being determined by digitization and the insights it enables. Find out how to make your supply chain bionic to create and capture value that competitors can’t erode.

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Bionic Factory

Our Bionic Factory is a centre of expertise focused on AI, data engineering and intelligent automation. This centre will help you tap into additional forms of capital (Behavioral and Cognitive) as you move towards being a Bionic Organization and outperform others that rely solely on more traditional types of capital (Financial, Natural Resources, Human).  


SCALE.AI is a super cluster dedicated to building the next-generation supply chain and boosting industry performance through AI technologies. Close to 120 partners, including PwC Canada, have joined forces to create this Canadian innovation consortium.

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