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More than ever, it takes a community of solvers bringing a diverse set of capabilities and perspectives to address the complex challenges facing Canadian organizations today. This is why we’re deepening our relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). By combining the strengths of both of our organizations, we’ve created a powerful alliance that will help you achieve even more from your cloud migration and implementation.

Our AWS alliance is all about marrying cutting-edge technology with razor-sharp strategy to drive cloud-enabled change. Through our human-led, technology-powered approach, you benefit from both our extensive knowledge of the inner workings of your business and industry and our AWS-powered accelerators that have been tailored to your needs. And by adding our cloud engineering strengths to the mix, we’ll help you move from strategy to results with AWS as the conduit.


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PwC Canada solutions
powered by AWS

Whether you’re modernizing or migrating your infrastructure, looking to unlock your data analytics capabilities or need help embedding strong cybersecurity practices as part of your cloud transformation journey, our AWS experts in Canada and around the world are ready to support you with an end-to-end approach to optimizing business outcomes.

We’re constantly enhancing our own capabilities, with a number of solutions customized to the needs of Canadian businesses adopting AWS technology. Besides our suite of professional services, we offer technology-enabled solutions in areas as diverse as machine learning operations; environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting; and financial reporting and analytics.

Explore below to learn more:

Data Analytics Workbench

Data Analytics Workbench offers prepackaged, industry-proven patterns and templates for machine learning and data science operations on AWS platforms, like SageMaker. Users benefit not only from accelerated innovation through automating and streamlining workflows but also from increased agility and resilience, reduced risk, enhanced productivity and greater cost efficiency.

GHG Emissions Dashboard

As organizations look for ways to collect credible information about greenhouse emissions, the need for data-driven solutions offering actionable insights is growing quickly. Our GHG Emissions Dashboard helps users monitor and measure their environmental performance, including point-in-time and historical reporting, in a timely way. It also uses advanced predictive and prescriptive models, augmented with machine learning, to help organizations make insights-driven decisions.

Secure Landing Zone

As organizations move to the cloud, it’s important to ensure the right governance for the foundation of their cloud environments. Our Secure Landing Zone provides a solid foundation for organizations starting or looking to enhance or accelerate their cloud journey. Key benefits include a significant reduction of time spent to prepare cloud environments as well as better adherence to security and compliance requirements.

D3 Analytics Platform

The D3 Analytics Platform provides consolidated financial reporting and performance analytics across assets to stakeholders such as portfolio company management teams, chief financial officers, fund-level executives and asset managers. Through automated reporting and insights, users get access to data-driven business intelligence that ultimately leads to better decision making and monitoring of performance.

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