Cloud engineering and cloud transformation consulting

Cloud and emerging technologies are no longer aspirational for most businesses—they’re a requirement to stay relevant and compete in increasingly complex and competitive landscapes.

Backed by proven experience solving complex problems and industry-leading cloud expertise, we complement your business with emerging technologies for accelerating outcomes, scale and innovation.


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Our integrated approach

In today’s ever-changing world, cloud engineering is dynamic, agile, competitive and complex. Gone are the days of simple applications being written and used in silos.

Our approach to delivering world-class cloud engineering revolves around our ability to dynamically scale, functionally integrate and leverage intelligent automation to enable not only engineering efficiency, but also to quickly unlock business value.

We bring the best minds in the industry, backed by a global network of professionals, to work with your business and technical teams in accelerating time to value, increasing market competitiveness and enhancing the resiliency of your digital assets.

How we can help

Data engineering and analytics

Accelerated data science through automation

Data science is a quickly evolving discipline informing business development, shaping market potential and enabling deep insights into customer behaviours and desires as they’re happening.

Time to insights is crucial. In today’s always-on era, every second spent waiting for a model prediction or correlation is an opportunity loss. Whether it’s about keeping your infrastructure secure with
security monitoring and threat (breach) detection, generating revenue or anything in between, time is money.

Accelerate your data science with standardized, secure environments using any combination of tooling for data ingestion, modelling and visualization. Rapidly analyze, prototype, develop and execute predictive models. Enable a model monitoring paradigm to align the risk of ML model usage with your enterprise risk appetite.

Our capabilities help you realize business benefits from standardization by weaving end-to-end infrastructure-as-code automation into your existing data science strategies. Establish and implement ingestion patterns, data mapping and transformations, data loss prevention (DLP), data warehouse migrations, data modelling for MLOps and AutoML, data lake design and implementation plus more to enable on-demand experimentation and collaboration with cloud-native tooling across hybrid multi-cloud. 

But harnessing the data is only the beginning. Take advantage of the expertise of our data architects and data engineers to unlock and bring meaning to the data within the data. Through modern data architecture design, enterprises can support requirements around accessibility, maintainability and manageability of data, while establishing and implementing data migration and ingestion patterns, and data mapping and transformation, including DLP. They can do so by creating conceptual data models for an enterprise-wide single source of truth and actionable insights, which lead to designing and implementing solutions around data warehouses, data lakes and data lakehouses. Ultimately, enterprises can structure existing Lines of Business (LoB) data platforms into an enterprise data mesh for central governance and data shareability while maintaining decentralized data control and ownership.

Cloud engineering

Implementing flexible and resilient data infrastructure through code

Cloud is a big word. It can mean many different things to different people, including just “someone else’s data centre.” We see it as a place to run your business-critical applications, whether those are private, public or hybrid.

Applications are king and organizations need to take advantage of the forward-thinking solutions cloud provides. Organizations must embrace cloud as a strategic tool to drive change and innovation.

Whether it’s strategic data centre consolidations benefiting from commoditization hyperscalers, enhanced velocity to run more efficiently with greater security or practical DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices, our innovative solutions help us work with our clients to solve their business challenges. We scale through delivering customizable infrastructure-as-code in everything we do to enforce both standards and reusability. 

Application modernization

Taking advantage of cloud-native application technologies to make your applications faster and more secure

Digital initiatives are dramatically reshaping businesses as they quickly adopt new technologies and new operating models. Business leaders driving these innovation agendas must capture the benefits of enterprise application transformation with confidence and make sure their new capabilities will be delivered securely.

We help organizations capitalize on transformational business application modernization with the speed, scale and efficiency needed to safely achieve growth goals. Our solutions drive organizations to strategically unlock business value within monolith applications and legacy architecture designs through combinations of microservices, serverless platforms, containerization, API management, digital integration and enablement services.

By building on cloud-native architecture and cloud best practices, we’re able to convert, migrate and optimize existing and legacy applications while adopting cloud-based development and technical processes for accelerated development cycles and enhanced developer productivity. Such migrated applications further increase service delivery velocity and improve on reliability and security, while simultaneously permitting better governance.

Cloud strategy

Reimagining what’s possible with technology

Successful companies must make tough choices about how to use technology and invest in IT. With so many options in cloud computing, emerging technologies, open-source software, cybersecurity, specialized software and more, winning strategies are based on differentiated capabilities that complement existing investments for creating and sustaining long-term value.

Whether you’re “cloud curious,” “all-in” or somewhere in between, we have the business acumen, industry knowledge and cloud engineering capabilities to help every step of the way—not just the technology.

Shifting IT to a cloud-enabled model requires a new mindset and a change from the traditional operating model. Our cloud strategy and transformational services de-emphasize a purely technical cloud strategy and, instead, put the needs of the business first to enable people with processes and organizational capabilities to thrive in cloud.

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Our ecosystem of Alliances: Reinventing your business together

We combine PwC’s expertise and our Alliance technologies to help you solve your most critical business issues. Whatever your focus—moving to the cloud, greater innovation or business transformation—PwC and our Alliance relationships are here to help.

Our strategic alliances include:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We combine PwC’s industry know-how and engineering capabilities with AWS’ end-to-end cloud solutions to jointly deliver a future-proof cloud strategy and see it through to execution and beyond. Transform your organization into a faster, automated enterprise that achieves business outcomes in an agile, scalable and secure way.

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We’ll help you modernize your business with the power of Google and PwC’s deep industry perspective and engineering capabilities. Reinvent your business with the power of cloud, from strategy to execution and managed services.

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PwC and Microsoft work together to foster innovation, empower organizations and unlock potential to overcome the world’s most important challenges. Together, we bring our clients insight, efficiency and operational advantage to strategically design, execute and run a dynamic and agile enterprise.

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MuleSoft implementation consulting

Create transformative digital experiences through API-led integration for health care, finance, manufacturing and other business sectors.

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