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API-first digital integration

Businesses today rely on connecting applications, data and devices to accelerate their tech-powered reinvention. To succeed, they need agile, scalable and secure solutions that seamlessly integrate the entire technology landscape in real time. 

PwC Canada’s alliance with MuleSoft—a leading integration platform for service-oriented architecture (SOA), SaaS and application programming interfaces (APIs)—helps organizations create transformative digital experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Our human-led and tech-powered approach combines expertise in API-first digital integration with insights into organizational dynamics, cultural alignment, process optimization, control implementation, cybersecurity and governance. Together, we take a collaborative approach that goes beyond traditional integration to ignite new ways of seeing, connecting and doing across your business.


  • 2022 MuleSoft Global Humanitarian Partner of the Year
  • 2021 Top Partner Healthcare Life Sciences North America
  • 2020 Growth and Emerging Partner of the Year EMEA

Our approach

We’ve successfully completed integration projects across a wide range of business sectors by applying our industry knowledge and deep technology expertise. We use this experience to design and architect integrations to meet you where you are on your transformation journey. In addition, we provide personalized recommendations for how to begin the integration process in phases:

1. Diagnostic

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of existing systems, processes and technologies. 
  • Analyze the current ecosystem for specific challenges and bottlenecks. 
  • Evaluate organizational data quality and accessibility. 
  • Understand the expectations and requirements of key stakeholders. 


2. Strategy

  • Develop a strategic plan aligned with the organization's broader business objectives.

  • Create a roadmap for integrating applications using MuleSoft to address identified problems, as well as to enable the organization to be "future-ready".

  • Assess potential risks and devise mitigation strategies to create a smooth implementation process. 

  • Analyze costs and benefits of a MuleSoft integration to justify the investment.  



3. Blueprinting

  • Develop a detailed integration architecture and solution design utilizing MuleSoft that incorporates scalability, security and flexibility.

  • Define API specifications, taking into account data formats, protocols and security requirements. 

  • Map out end-to-end workflows to seamlessly integrate systems and applications. 

  • Install robust security measures to safeguard data during transit and at rest.



4. Enablement centre

  • Train internal teams on MuleSoft technologies and best practices. 

  • Implement governance processes for managing APIs that increase consistency, security and compliance. 

  • Organize knowledge transfer sessions to help teams manage and maintain MuleSoft integrations independently. 

  • Establish mechanisms for ongoing support, monitoring and continuous improvement.

Building on a foundation of PwC assets and accelerators 

We have solutions, delivery tools, automations and accelerators that span the entire life cycle of integration projects, from business case development and planning to implementation and support. These flexible digital resources cater to a wide range of project requirements.

Our industry-aligned accelerators include customizable pre-configured templates, best practices and sector-specific components that help you reduce time to market, adapt to changing business needs, reduce development costs and mitigate the impact on existing infrastructure.

Facilitating data exchanges between disparate health-care systems improves interoperability and provides health-care providers with a 360-degree view of patient data. This helps provide personalized treatment, streamline workflows and automate processes.

Enhance your customer experiences by providing a seamlessly unified and personalized experience across all channels. Financial service organizations can also tap into real-time insights and analytics to make data-driven decisions that strengthen risk management programs and regulatory compliance.

Reduce delays and operational costs through improved visibility and collaboration throughout your supply chain. Manufacturers can also use IoT solutions and data analytics to improve operating performance, increase responsiveness, predict equipment failures and decrease downtime.

Benefits of an API-first integration strategy

Working together, PwC Canada and MuleSoft can enhance your digital journey and tailor technology to the way it should be—smarter, better and faster. Explore how we build advantages into every level of your organization below. 

  • Agility and speed
    Rapidly create, modify and deploy integrations using MuleSoft's API-driven approach.  
  • Scalability
    Grow your integration infrastructure concurrently with your evolving business needs.
  • Holistic connectivity
    Establish comprehensive integration across diverse systems, applications and data sources to create a unified and interconnected technology ecosystem. 
  • Enhanced customer experiences
    Seamlessly integrate data and processes to create superior customer experiences through streamlined, real-time interactions.
  • Cost efficiency
    Eliminate redundant processes and siloed systems to make your technology more efficient and effective.
  • Insights and analitycs
    Extract more value from data for strategic planning and decision making.
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