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Meet your fully connected customer. PwC Canada and Google Cloud enable organizations to unlock growth and innovation by strategically adopting next-generation cloud environments and repeatable data solutions that are more nimble, adaptable and collaborative. We go beyond migration to deliver the digital insights and breakthrough outcomes you need.

Combine the experience, trust and expertise of PwC Canada with the innovation of Google Cloud to achieve sustainable business outcomes. Our strategic partnership and best-in-class capabilities will help you reach your transformation and modernization goals faster, solve for what’s important for your organization and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)

PwC Canada collaborates with Google Cloud to create industry-leading solution to help combat cybersecurity threats

The solution, known as the Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR), helps clients manage cybersecurity threats and protect their data.

Learn more about this industry-leading solution 

PwC Canada solutions powered by Google Cloud

PwC and Google Cloud collaborate in four main areas:

Strategy and transformation consulting diagram

Strategy and transformation consulting

Today, the question isn’t whether you’re going to move to the cloud but how you’ll do it and how fast you want to get there. PwC Canada’s consulting services combined with Google Cloud Platform help you transform your cloud strategy from being purely technical to putting the needs of your business first. PwC Canada offers dynamic and agile cloud consulting services, including cloud adoption, cloud-first (and multi-cloud) strategy, application programming interface (API) integration, app development and modernization, infrastructure modernization, cloud cost optimization and financial operations.

Cybersecurity  diagram


As technical teams move down the migration path, there can be glitches along the way, especially if the security team isn’t involved from the beginning. PwC Canada’s secure cloud migration offering is purpose-built to help companies migrate to Google Cloud Platform with native security and repeatable blueprints and automations to gain efficiencies—all at enterprise scale.

Cloud and analytics transformation diagram

Cloud and analytics transformation

With Google Cloud Platform, companies can leverage a scalable cloud infrastructure solution and get access to Google’s secure and compliance-ready services. We work with organizations to change the way they manage and optimize their business through data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled insights. We start with understanding what our customer’s primary business objectives are, and then we figure out how to achieve them with the right data set and analytics capabilities from Google Cloud Platform.

Data Analytics & AI diagram

Data analytics and AI

PwC works with customers to change the way they manage and optimize their business through data analytics and AI enabled insights. We start first with an understanding of what our customers’ primary business objectives are, and then figure out how to achieve them with the right data set & analytics capabilities from Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


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PwC and Google Cloud - Accelerating business transformation to achieve sustainable outcomes together

“Our strategic collaboration with Google helps our clients accelerate their cloud journey. PwC Canada’s deep technical expertise and service delivery excellence, combined with Google Cloud’s innovative solutions, allow businesses to transform and thrive in today’s quickly changing marketplace.”

Chiel HendriksGoogle Cloud Alliance Leader, PwC Canada
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