PwC’s social determinants of health services

The US spends far more on healthcare than its peers, yet Americans are sicker and die younger. Reversing this dynamic requires us to focus on keeping people healthy, not just treating them when they’re sick. This means intervening upstream to improve conditions in the places where people live, work and play.

Challenges to providing healthcare

Clinical care is responsible for only 20% of a person’s health; the other 80% is due to health behaviors, physical environment, and socioeconomic conditions. Solving challenges like hunger, poverty, and housing insecurity are key to improving health outcomes and controlling medical costs.

PwC's service offerings

PwC provides comprehensive services to support clients in the journey to improve social determinants of health:

  • Strategy development
  • Impact measurement
  • Performance alignment
  • Reporting and communications

We help build the business case and develop strategies that prioritize cost-effective, high-impact interventions, then work to establish robust approaches to measuring impact, communicating results, and scaling efforts across an organization.

Hidden Influencers: Tackling the social and behavioral determinants of health

Health is determined by our behaviors and by social and environmental conditions, including education, income, nutrition and housing. To have a meaningful impact on health outcomes and expenses, we need to reach people where they live, work and play through upstream interventions such as preventive medicine, social needs support and community collaborations.


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How PwC can help

We work with a wide range of healthcare providers and payor organizations, including large healthcare systems, hospitals, academic medical centers, for-profit insurance companies and research institutions to address factors impacting social determinants of health.


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