To assist you in getting value from technology investments, we bring together the skills to deliver improvements in processes.


Technology is an important enabler of business transformation. To assist you in getting value from technology investments, we bring together the skills to deliver improvements in processes.

As Business integrators, we solve complex business problems for our clients, delivering on all aspects of our client’s business problems, from strategy through to execution.

We optimise our impact through a multi-disciplinary portfolio of technology competencies and capabilities and are committed to helping our clients achieve intended business outcomes.


Roadmaps that become reality

The increase in competition within business environments, coinciding with the vast array of technology solutions, means that the correct technology strategy is vital in supporting the growth of your business. Organizations should take advantage of opportunities arising from latest trends of technology by carefully bringing these new technology into a strategic element of their IT programs.

PwC has developed a delivery approach to define and implement a technology strategy. This approach positions technology strategy as a strategic enabler and integral part of the organization's corporate strategy. PwC will develop a blueprint that outlines a comprehensive IT operational model and technology solutions that meet your business needs. By focusing on key technology architectural components, we can deliver immediate business value to your organization.

Our commitment to ongoing research on leveraging the right technology, associated trends and management techniques can be leveraged will help build your organization into a better performing business.


How we can help you


Technology Strategy: Envisioning and defining the technologies and capabilities that both drive and support business value while taking into account for prioritization, risk, timing, skills, cost, and IT governance resulting in an implementation roadmap.


Enterprise Architecture and Blueprinting: Addressing enterprise and business unit wide problems through the design of holistic operating models and enterprise architecture that encompass multiple business capabilities and information systems.


IT Governance:   Assisting our clients with the development of an IT Governance framework  that provides a high-level structure and decision-making mechanism and process guidance to direct and oversee all IT related activities in order to achieve the most optimal business- IT alignment


IT Security Strategy:  Developing a strategy to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of data and information in an organization’s  IT system that is fully embedded into the system’s life cycle.

Application towards industry specific needs

Executive level decisions for how an organization will achieve its goals and objectives of profitability growth, delivering value, long-term persistence, and gaining/sustaining competitive advantage will require the sufficient support of enterprise needs.

An end-to-end process of identifying and proper  execution of business requirements will provide an organization an improved effectiveness and efficiency in running their operations. Industry specific requirements may also need further specifications.

Organizations have made large investments in robust enterprise applications from Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and Workday that enable their business operations, drive business transformation, and turn vast quantities of data into useful information that supports better decision making.

PwC can help you achieve greater benefits from your existing enterprise application or create a step change in performance through the implementation of a new system.


How we can help you


Enterprise Business Application: Assisting an organization to identify, select, design, develop, and execute its enterprise business applications(e.g. Oracle, SAP) and industry specific business applications (e.g. Core Banking, Core Insurance).

Strategy, Governance and Management

We believe that confidence in your digital future is essential to the growth of your organisation. It means being aware of and managing your cyber security risks while embracing opportunities for growth; and being able to assess which threats could affect your business goals and having the agility to deal with them as they arise. 


How we can help you



Security  Design & Architecture Services: Create sustainable security solutions to provide foundational capabilities and operational discipline.


Threat, Intelligence & Vulnerability Management: Anticipate changes in the risk landscape through situational awareness of the internal and external factors impacting the business ecosystem. Test, assess, and remediate technology vulnerabilities.


Identity and Access Management: Provide integrated and secure processes, services, and infrastructure to enable appropriate and timely controls over access to critical systems and assets.


Critical Business Data Loss Prevention: Build a security strategy to a comprehensive critical business information protection against leakage incidents


Incident & Crisis Management: Plan, detect, investigate, and react timely and comprehensively to security  incidents, breaches and compromises.


Risk & Compliance Management: Efficiently and effectively identify, evaluate and manage risk to the business while addressing evolving  regulatory requirements. 


Emerging Technologies & Market Trends: Assess the opportunities and security related risks of new technology adoption and dynamically changing business models. 


Strategy, Governance & Management: Prioritize investments, allocate resources, and align security capabilities with the strategic imperatives and initiatives of the organization.

The changing customer expectations are driving business

Digital innovation and adoption is rapidly changing the way we do our business, the way we use technology in organizations. Social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing are among the latest trends. Further, in recent years, a number of disruptive technological and cultural factors have combined to change the balance of power between businesses and their customers.

Digital has created an era of disruption for all organizations. While seen as a major challenge for some, organizations that can embrace and capture the new opportunities presented by digital change will extract value from the new economy. Our focus is to enable organizations to create value from the digital economy. Our digital practice can help you responding to an increasingly urgent mandate for change. 



Digital Strategy and Roadmap: Developing a compelling digital transformational strategy, roadmap and business case for digital change.


Social Media: Advising clients to leverage social media, derive useful insights, transform marketing campaigns and measure ROI from social media. We assess social media readiness, build multi- year social media adoption road map, enterprise social strategy and CoE to sustain business intelligence, audit, technology, collaboration and co-creation.


Mobility: Help businesses in becoming ubiquitous worldwide. Advice transformative enterprise mobility strategy to manage the phenomenon, including how to choose and what to enable to reap the benefits such as improved efficiencies and productivity.


Big Data: Advising to manage dizzying amounts of data faster and cheaper. We help in making better business decisions and capitalize on technical advancements in the management and transfer of large volumes of data  to improve clients’ business processes.


Cloud Computing: Help business to be agile in inventing new business models with decrease time to market, create operational efficiencies and engage customers in new ways. We help clients to transform IT departments, streamline and scale operations and fuel innovation. Bring agility to create new products and services to deepen connections with customers and generate new sources of revenue.


Internet of Things:  Assess and advice businesses that embed capabilities to understand the use of their products and guide clients toward their goals to reap unparalleled value. Help clients reach beyond the sale transaction and focus to help achieve personal goals with the products they buy with existing technology and ecosystem.

Moving with speed, operate with trust

In today’s digital age, the power of data gives organisations the ability to add value to every part of the business value chain and every area of decision-making.

Data analytics can generate business value by improving operational efficiency and processes, customer experience and product development. It became a catalyst towards customer centricity – with organisations using insight to focus on customer outcomes and needs and tailor their products and services to meet customer demands. In an ever-changing market environment,  companies need to be able analyze raw data, discover and visualize insights.

Data Analytics is our approach to advanced analytics that combines business analysis, data management, analytics competencies, with global industry experience and depth of know-how. We provide data-driven insights that can drive competitive advances for our clients in the marketplace.


How we can help you


Customer and marketing: We work with our clients to understand and forecast global, national and local customer demand levels and patterns using combination of quantitative and qualitative data sets, which in turn inform customer-led growth strategies.


Product and pricing: We work with clients to drive product innovation performance using data analytics insights. We utilise both internal and external data to assess brand, product performance,, market analysis, competitors and client trading data to determine their overall pricing strategy.


Technology: We support and advise our clients to deliver their technology strategies on big data to make technology investment decisions and build and maintain their internal capabilities. For us, ‘Big Data and Information Management’ strategy, implementation is an opportunity and a challenge!


Performance, planning and strategy: We work with clients to deliver effective performance management solutions – determining the right KPIs to deliver the business insight required and building fully automated solutions for business planning and forecasting, valuation analytics.


Human resources: We work with clients to analyse and fix underlying employee data challenges and to deliver enhanced HR reporting and analytics solutions. We use workforce analysis and forecasting to support strategic people planning to improve matching of demand and supply for skills.


Operations: Our services are built around insight hubs of applications that provide leaders and front line staff with insight into their operations to identify improvement opportunities and provide predictive capabilities which enable them to anticipate and mitigate the impact of disruptive events.


Procurement: We offer advanced analytics that provide procurement teams with greater insight into spend, compliance, fraud and supplier performance by capturing, aggregating and structuring internal and external data sets.

Delivering Change and Sustaining Benefits

Technology is a driver for business transformation. A major transformation in an organization involves technology transforming, most of the time as the main driver. Most of business transformation driven by technology requires solid integration capability to align changes in several aspect s, named business processes, organization design, and roles and responsibilities.

PwC provides world class services to transformation program delivery with necessary aspects in the organization, monitor the realization of the transformation benefits as well its sustainability.


How we can help you



Portfolio Management: We help our clients structure and prioritise their portfolio to best meet their strategic needs and objectives and maximise the return on their investments. We also work with our clients to manage the ongoing alignment and delivery of their portfolio as needs change and competing pressures on valuable resources occur.


PMO: We help our clients to rapidly mobilise PMO’s that are fit for purpose and add value through providing control, rigour and challenge. Using our best practice tools and templates we can accelerate the establishment process and run these for or with our clients, as well as providing initial set-up, coaching, and stepping out.


Benefit Realization: We help our clients structure their initiatives with a clear focus on benefits and ensure that they are achieved throughout the program lifecycle. We help them ensure that benefits are realised when planned and are pro-actively tracked and realized following the program closure.

Optimizing IT Delivery Model

Business advances that have offered growth and opportunity in the recent past have also delivered unforeseen consequences. One consequence has been the rise in inefficiency in most major businesses as information systems, processes and controls have been adapted to meet increasing complexity and transaction volumes.

At the same time, there are areas that have not escaped the relentless search for cost savings. This has placed additional pressure on the efficiency and effectiveness of business and financial reporting processes and wider business controls.

The telecommunication industry in Indonesia continues to enjoy sound market growth, driven by rising mobile devices, big data services, broadband and internet access penetration. With this comes intensified competition among service providers, and staying abreast with latest trends and market developments has never been as important. As the result, potential revenue and fraud leakage from the telecom industry remains significant.


How we can help you


Managed Service Strategy: Providing our clients with oversight, governance, and multi-vendor management of complex applications operating environments. Encompasses initial "Health Check" to refine operational strategy, and ongoing governance and oversight role.


IT Optimization : We help our client  establish effective processes and controls at the right costs  for your organization by maximizing the  usage of emerging technology.  We will diagnose and benchmark the current  situation of your IT process and controls initiatives,  then rationalize, standardize, and simplifying them with  the right technology as the enabler of optimization journey.


Revenue Maximizer: We help our client establish effective implementation of technology, processes and controls on the end to end revenue cycle, at the right costs with maximum benefits. Our  solutions ensure that the key areas within the business are reviewed to ensure that any weaknesses that may lead to revenue loss or unnecessary costs are noted, quantified, prioritised and fixed as quickly as possibly. 

The management of data

Due to the ever changing technology environment, it is imperative that businesses and organizations have a solid IT infrastructure in place. This implies a transformation of manual tasks to being processed by implemented systems. Work efficiency is improved as menial tasks can be replaced with more productive activities, which can also free up time for new innovations to increase production.

Theses changes may also have an exponential effect on the amount of data that is being managed. Large amounts of data can be hard to manage without a clear strategy and may adversely affect the business. Security risks might also occur due to vulnerabilities in the system.

As such, organizations would benefit from a sound IT infrastructure and correct management of data information.


How we can help you


IT Infrastructure: Advising organizations on information technology infrastructure from the data center solutions (facilities assessments, migrations, and consolidations), IT service management, networking, end user services, collaboration, and disaster recovery.


Data Information and Management: Advising and designing how clients manage Information Architecture and Data strategies, Data Governance, followed by the execution and implementation of these across the organization.

Delivering service through Centres of Expertise

Our Global Delivery SEAC model allows our team to get access to niche skills and enable end-to-end delivery  under PwC Governance.  Our teams engage with our partner firms around the world, such as PwC Service Delivery Centers and Centers of Expertise to help clients solve complex problems.

Our clients benefit through the PwC extended  and global teams with deep skills and breadth of expertise. Our PwC Service Delivery Centers and Centers of Expertise can provide blend of  functional, industry and highly skilled, technical specialists to delivery technology enabled projects, in quality certified CMMi Level 5 centers.  They can support project by working remotely, or directly on the client site. 


How we can help you


Transformational Engagements:  Through our Global Delivery Centres, we help our clients solve complex business problems by using technology as an enabler for business transformation, always leading with the business issue and applying our deep technology skills to solve client problems. We provide full-service, business-led delivery mode,  in-depth industry knowledge with dedicated teams.


Technology Skills: We have skills and deep expertise in wide rage of areas, such as Technology skills in IT Strategy, Architecture, ERP, Information Management, IT Infrastructure, SOA/Middleware, Integration and Program Management. Innovation Laboratory in Kolkata that works on Cloud, Big Data, Cloud Business Apps, Social and Mobility, apart from its other services in the ERP space.    


Proven Methodologies:  We provide proven, customizable methodologies and accelerators with a focus on delivery excellence for our clients. We have alliances with leading technology vendors that help  lower costs and risks for clients and prestigious awards in the ERP space. 

Reimagining Digital

While transformation can start at any maturity level of an organisation, it always begins with the end in mind to justify the why. Let us guide you to stay ahead and embrace your transformation journey.

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