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PwC Professionals

A critical piece of our leadership development experience is our global career progression framework, the PwC Professional. Informed by direct feedback from clients and key stakeholders, the PwC Professional is a single set of expectations across our organization that clearly identifies the attributes and behaviors our people need to build trust in society, provide insight and advice to help our clients and enable us to better understand their needs and challenges.

All our staff are recruited, developed and managed against the PwC Professional’s five attributes for leadership.

We need you to lead yourself and others, regardless of your level, by making a real difference in the work you do. This means delivering results in a responsible, authentic, resilient, inclusive and passionate way.

  1. Do you learn from your experiences and take the time to develop your personal approach to work? 
  2. Do you lead others to be the best they can be, whether you’re part of a team or leading one?
  3. Do you act with integrity and uphold professional standards at all times?

You’ll bring business knowledge and awareness, or have a willingness to learn about business, and can bring innovation, and fresh thinking, to create distinctive value for our clients and PwC.

  • How do you keep up-to-date with business and industry trends?
  • Do you consider all facts and think broadly about data when making recommendations?
  • Do you see opportunities within changing business environments which can add value?

In your role you apply a range of technical capabilities to deliver quality and value for our clients and PwC.

  • Do you maintain professional standards and always produce high quality work?
  • How do you build and maintain your technical expertise and knowledge?
  • Do you share your knowledge to deliver insights with others?

In a continually complex and changing world, you’ll need to operate and collaborate effectively, with a mind-set that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries.

  • Do you consider a broad range of perspectives in your thinking?
  • Do you embrace and see opportunity in change?
  • Can you bring fresh insights to our clients and PwC? 

You’re skilled at building relationships of high value which are genuine and rooted in trust.

  • Do you communicate with confidence?
  • Do you build and maintain strong and authentic relationships, within your professional network and develop new ones outside of it?
  • Are you passionate about providing exceptional services? 

PwC Values

As PwC professionals, we align our actions with the values and behaviors of PwC. We think about the values as a full set – all are equally critical to our success.


We act with integrity.

We speak up for what’s right, even when that’s the harder option.

We make a difference.

We stay informed and proactively look for ways to better our world.

We care.

About each other, about our clients, about empowering everyone to do their best.

We work together.

We know feedback, collaboration and diverse perspectives make our work stronger.

We reimagine the possible.

At PwC, we innovate, we test, we iterate and we learn along the way.

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