Fair Reward and Recognition

Our total rewards package is aimed to deliver the value needed to meet staff's needs beyond just base compensation

Comprehensive medical benefits

The medical benefits cover maternity, dental, optical and other benefits for staff, spouse and dependants. Our cover also includes annual check-up for all staff.

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Compensatory time off

We understand that every individual has different needs. In PwC, our staff have the option to convert their overtime into a timeoff (additional leave on top of entitled annual leave).

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Performance bonus

Our performance bonus program comprises of individual and firm performance bonus. It provides an opportunity for all eligible PwC staff to potentially share in the success of the firm—and increase their rewards through their strong individual performance and contributions.

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Attractive leave rewards

Not only various paid leave as regulated by the government, PwC also grant extra paid leave (family care, additional grievance leave, additional granted religious holidays, etc.)

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Competitive cash benefits

Upon reaching certain level, our staff receive provision for vehicles, gym membership or travel allowances that you can enjoy with your family.

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