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Cyber security

Cyber-threats are now a clear and present danger to global business. The business world has changed; cyber-security is no longer just an IT challenge – it’s a business imperative. CEOs and corporate boards need to get involved in managing cyber-risks, by providing leadership, oversight and governance. 

You need to protect the systems and information that your organisation’s growth depends on. And you need to respond quickly to cyber breaches – or face significant financial losses and irreparable damage to your organisation’s reputation.

We have specialists in investigation and security and risk services, including former law-enforcement agents and attorneys. Our team includes:

  • Certified information system security professionals
  • ANS Certified forensic analysts
  • Certified information system auditors
  • Encase Certified examiners
  • Electronic records management masters
  • Certified fraud examiners
  • Certified Anti-Money Laundering malware reverse engineering
  • Incident handling specialists

We have 65 cyber-labs in 37 countries, and our methods and processes stand up to scrutiny by the courts and regulators. We help to ensure your investments in security match the risks you really face – and which we can help identify. We can put together an integrated plan for information security, helping to secure your assets. 

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Kris McConkey

Cyber Threat Operations Lead Partner, PwC United Kingdom

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