Combat fraud & economic crime

Building resilience to position your business for success

Timely, actionable insights to reduce fraud risk and protect business value

PwC can get you back on track after the chaos and disruption of fraud. We’ll customise a fraud management strategy and fraud prevention solutions to help keep you safe in the first place. And we’ll work with you to turn upheaval into an inflection point for change, so your business can build resilience for whatever comes next.

PwC's collaborative Forensics approach helps you:

  • Evaluate your fraud risk and prepare a fraud management strategy
  • Navigate and effectively remediate a fraud event
  • Reestablish trust by presenting credible solutions to your stakeholders 
  • Restore business value after fraud 
  • Innovate fraud prevention solutions and emerge stronger
Reducing fraud risk

70% experienced new incidents of fraud as a result of disruption caused by COVID-19

PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 2022

How our team fights fraud for you:

Fraud risk assessment

Evaluate your strengths and vulnerabilities, identifying and prioritising your fraud risk

Fraud prevention

Design a fraud detection programme and fraud management strategy with the right governance, expertise and monitoring to help keep you protected

Fraud remediation and recovery

Apply the power of PwC's advanced data and analytics technology capabilities to implement fraud detection and mitigation measures

Safeguard your business from internal fraud with tech-enabled solutions

No business is immune to fraud. And when the perpetrator is internal, the already damaging experience has an even deeper bite. 

Whatever your circumstances, PwC’s technology-enabled solutions help you identify gaps that could put you at risk for internal fraud and questionable activities before they do any harm.

Safeguard your business from internal fraud

PwC's holistic approach helps you prevent, mitigate and recover from internal fraud. Here’s how: 

Design an anti-bribery and anti-corruption strategy and policies to investigate and address acts of corruption. We’ll work with you to design, execute, and monitor your programmes. 

Stay on top of changing regulations and antitrust laws and remain in compliance — whether your business is in one city or in markets around the world — as an integral part of your overall fraud strategy.

Embezzlement. Data theft. Skimming. Our tech-led solutions perform targeted reviews and transactional testing to help you stay safe and repair damage after wrongdoing.

69% of reported incidents of fraud were committed by an external perpetrator or collusion between an insider and an external party

PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 2022

Integrated strategies to stay a step ahead of external fraudsters

Digital platform fraud continues to expand nearly exponentially as data grows in volume, variety and velocity — and more sophisticated forms of fraud emerge. 

Our integrated approach combines the power of PwC’s technology, regulatory and forensics expertise to mitigate risk and protect your business.

Four in 10 organisations experienced platform abuse - frauds committed on the platforms they use or operate.

PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 2022

Prevent and detect financial crime on digital platforms — payroll/banking, social media, goods and services — with technology-fueled solutions including AI, predictive analytics, transaction testing and monitoring, and more.

Integrated, risk-based anti-money laundering (AML) programme — including compliance program evaluation, gap analyses and AML checks — provides solutions in efficient and sustainable strategies.


End-to-end approach uplifts systems and technology to ensure transaction scenarios and thresholds are appropriately calibrated, applying robotics, optimisation, robust controls and governance.

Manage AML and compliance challenges with a suite of tools applying innovative processes in robotics, KYC remediation, customer risk scoring development and process re-engineering. 

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