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Driving better results with PwC and Amazon Web Services

Executives are on the hunt for innovative technologies and solutions that can help them future-proof their business. Now, they have their answer: PwC's AWS powered cloud consulting. With AWS, companies can develop large-scale cloud infrastructure quickly - without having to build their own from scratch - while PwC manages the complexities of the implementation. Similarly, AWS can bring other innovative technologies like analytics, blockchain, virtual reality, and Internet of Things while PwC provides the industry know-how to help clients manage their risk, cyber, and data and analytics needs. With PwC's AWS powered cloud services, we can help you prepare your business to adapt and thrive, no matter what the future throws at it.

PwC cloud services on AWS

Cloud transformation

PwC’s Cloud Transformation, powered by AWS, leverages our breadth of experience, industry knowledge and our global network of resources to guide clients through cloud transformations that help drive agility and strategic impact. We take an iterative, test-and-learn approach to transform technology, teams, and processes into modular units that enhance responsiveness and enable a faster, automated enterprise.

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PwC’s Cybersecurity helps clients drive shareholder value through seamless and safe cloud adoption and operations. We help clients de-risk initiatives by identifying and addressing security, privacy, and regulatory barriers. Our AWS cloud deployments are augmented by deep business and technical experience, proven methodologies, and a strategy through execution approach.

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Data & Analytics

Now, more than ever, is the time to consider how to look at the data your company is gathering. Are you optimizing your assets and making better, faster decisions? Are you able to work more efficiently and save money?  Are you identifying new sources of revenue to tap into potential markets?  It’s time to let PwC and AWS help propel your data strategy to new heights. 

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PwC’s DevOps AWS capabilities leverages the AWS cloud for the evolving industry movement - DevOps. Pioneered by leading web-scale companies and comprising ideas, concepts, initiatives, and technologies, DevOps aims to resolve the speed versus quality challenge. DevOps and AWS cloud services focuses on redefining roles and relationships across traditional boundaries of Development and Operations, empowering processes with a new generation of function-rich tools.

Financial Services

PwC’s Financial Services AWS capabilities focuses on the future of FS, working with clients as they shape their businesses and execute their cloud strategies. Through our deep experience we are able to advise on key issues such as the impact of risk and regulation, financial crime, innovations in mobile and digital technologies, the disruptive impact of FinTech, as well as the changing face of the customer.

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PwC’s Intelligent Service Experience solution

Empower your call center agents with personalized customer experiences using preserved interaction history, customer 360, sentiment analysis, machine learning and natural language processing. Intelligent Service Experience is PwC’s tech-enabled omni-channel, rapid scalable solution, powered by Amazon Connect, Salesforce Service Cloud, and PwC Emerging Technologies.

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Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

PwC's Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences AWS capabilities brings strategic abilities across pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech to help leading organizations accelerate their AWS cloud transformation. Our deep industry experience across legislative, regulatory and patient engagement ensures we can effectively define and deliver solutions to the most complex business challenges affecting your business.


PwC works with clients to take advantage of SAP enterprise applications in Finance, Supply Chain, Engineering, and Human Resources. By combining the scalability and agility of the AWS cloud, clients can respond to rapid growth and market changes to deliver new and innovative services via SAP.

"(With SAP and PwC) and the AWS Cloud, we confirmed our original estimate of savings. We have lowered our capital expenditure by nearly 100 percent."

Navnit PanditaIT Infrastructure Head for Macmillan India

Case study

PwC has worked with companies around the world on their AWS implementations. Here is an example of how we’ve helped.

AXS Map case study

Navigating the world with a disability isn’t always easy. AXS Map and PwC are changing that.

For the world's 1.3B people with a disability, getting in the local coffee shop or favorite store could be a frustrating experience if it's not easily accessible. Working with AXS Lab, PwC rebuilt AXS Map — a crowdsourcing platform that helps people navigate the sometimes inaccessible world. Learn how AWS powers AXS Map to create a more seamless user experience to give all people the information they need to be more confident about everyday choices.


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