PwC and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Adaptable cloud solutions for your business

Agile business solutions from Amazon Web Services

To succeed in a digital world, companies must be set up to respond quickly to business challenges and constant customer demand. PwC can help deliver state-of-the-art cloud services to enable your organization's mission critical software to run properly and keep your information secure. We utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud solutions, because it has a comprehensive and always-evolving cloud computing platform that can expand with your business. With PwC, companies can feel confident that they’re using the cloud to generate the right outcomes for their business.

An Amazon Web Services advanced consulting partner

PwC has received AWS Consulting Partner badges in numerous sectors. The AWS Competency Program is designed to acknowledge technical proficiency and proven success in specific solution areas and industries. PwC currently has four AWS Competencies in SAP, Security, Life Sciences, and Financial Services with more to come.

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Gerard Verweij

Partner, Global and US AWS Alliance Leader, PwC US


"As a full service AWS provider, we collaborate with our clients to dream and build innovative and intelligent solutions and lead them through a successful cloud transformation."

Gerard Verweij Partner, Global and US AWS Alliance Leader, PwC US