Green Minerals

Green is the new gold

This is mining’s moment. The sector must increase capacity to provide critical minerals for the energy transition, while reducing carbon emissions. The move to low-carbon mining and circularity is key. Costs can be controlled by relocating, reinvesting and realigning vital inputs. And only then can the greener minerals of tomorrow be born. Our climate depends on them.

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Fuelling a greener future

Transportation. Manufacturing. Mining. Industries that have big power needs also need big change. Delivering radical decarbonisation by powering up renewables and building greener, sustainable infrastructures. Creating greater value for people, planet and performance.

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An interplay of electrification and alternative fuels

Electric vehicles are big news. So big that the transition to them counts as a true megatrend for the 2020s. But it’s not the whole picture. To decarbonize by 2050, the world will need to embrace alternative fuels. Sustainable Aviation fuel. Hydrogen. Biofuels. These could become the biggest source of power for transportation and industry.

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A new design for life

70% of greenhouse gas emissions come from energy, industry and buildings combined so net zero won’t happen without a coordinated move to green infrastructure – at scale. We must radically reimagine how we live, work, travel and trade; how we produce and distribute. And our future cities? They will need  customised, tech-powered green infrastructure solutions to design, create and sustain them. There is no greater challenge.

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A new formula for success

For the chemicals sector to catch up in the great energy transition, it must make huge strides. Moving to green energy, clean feedstocks and circularity; collaborating with agriculture and manufacturing and tapping into the potential of new and substitute chemicals. Decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors is a complex formula – and vital to get right.

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Energy Intersections - a content programme in collaboration with the Financial Times

Energy is the nexus, not only for connecting groups in new ways but as the source of strategic innovation for a net zero economy. These intersections will shed light on emerging marketplaces, products and ecosystems that will fuel the net zero economy. Visit our sponsored content hub to learn more.

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World Energy Congress: Redesigning energy for people and plant

Rotterdamn / April 22- 25 2024

From 22-25 April 2024, all eyes will be on Rotterdam as more than 7,000 international energy stakeholders convene for the 26th World Energy Congress. Marking the beginning of the centenary of the World Energy Council, this most prestigious and influential global event, hosted at the highest political level, welcomes leaders from all corners of the world as they come together to enable solutions and deliver impact under the theme ‘Redesigning Energy for People and Planet’. PwC looks forward to seeing you there.

Pathway to COP28 UAE

30 November, 12 December, DUBAI

This year's COP will welcome over 140 heads of state, more than 80,000 delegates and over 5000 media professionals. It will be a focal point for business conversations about climate and will drive significant regulatory change that will impact public and private sectors.