Accelerating the path to net zero transcript

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It’s how our planet ticks. 
What keeps it turning, 
moving and growing. 


Energy generated by human activity produces almost 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

To accelerate the race to zero, 
we need to power up renewables
Generating at an unprecedented rate. 

To create a strong, sustainable infrastructure by coming together to solve.
From industry leaders and investors, to regulators, policymakers and societies.

Forming alliances to find new ways to fuel our future.
Going beyond wind and solar
to more innovative sources of power.

Creating sustainable, transparent change that radically accelerates decarbonisation, while driving greater value.

Intersecting industries – and growing new ecosystems.

By reimagining everything:

How we produce and distribute.
How we travel and trade.
How we power our homes and our cities.

Now’s the time to create a climate for change.

Join us. Together we can solve this.